Seoul Korean BBQ And Hot Pot review image

Seoul Korean BBQ And Hot Pot

Hours:SATURDAY11:00AM to 10:00PM

While Aurora has its fair share of bustling Korean barbecue restaurants, none of them are quite as festive as Seoul Korean BBQ and Hot Pot. The plates here always seem to be just a little fuller than what we’re used to and each one always arrives just a little faster than anywhere else on the block. The servers seem to anticipate your desires a good five minutes before you yourself have thought of them, with an endless array of banchan always being swapped out before anyone at the table has taken the last bite. A little excess is expected here - especially in the form of endless stacks of thick-cut pork belly, jowl, and collar - but it’s also encouraged, and it’s only as you find yourself waddling to the car that you realize how full and happy you’ve become.

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