Edgewater Inn

Howdy, Paisano.

Every lifelong Denverite has four things in common. An unwavering devotion to John Elway, a constant fear of running into their grandma at their favorite weed shop, a continued and unjustified fear of Five Points, and a love for Edgewater Inn pizza. If any of the above don't ring true to you, go back to Iowa, you f*cking tourist.

For the newbies and uninitiated, Edgewater Inn serves the best pizza in Denver. I know, I know, throwing around lofty superlatives about pizza might get you shanked in Chicago or forced to watch a Knicks game in New York, but here this is a safe statement. Safe because Denver isn’t really known for pizza. Safe despite the awesome stuff Cart Driver and Hops & Pie are cranking out. And safe because longtime classics are almost always the best.

Don’t believe us? Go find someone who didn’t move here from California yesterday and ask.

Couldn’t find anyone? OK, keep reading.

Edgewater Inn is basically a really clean dive bar that focuses on schooners of Coors and unbelievably good sausage pizza. The service is almost always great, but don’t arrive hangry. Due to a serious take-out operation competing with the in-restaurant dining operation, your order will take 30 minutes or so.

That said, it’s worth the wait and will give you time to talk about how crazy the weather is here or how awesome String Cheese was at Red Rocks.

Food Rundown

Sausage Pizza

Edgewater nails the crust and sauce, but their unique semi-sweet, disc-shaped sausage is where they really shine. If this is your first time here, get this. Then start exploring.

The Sweetness

This is likely the most popular item on the menu. It takes the sausage pizza and adds a plethora of unhealthy meats. Add American and mozzarella cheeses and this taste bud bacchanal will leave you feeling satisfied and a little guilty.

Other Pies

The Kahoona (Hawaiian), BBQ Chicken, White, Vegi, and Mexicali all fill the obligatory need to make sure no matter where you’re from, Edgewater Inn has your favorite flavor.