Dos Santos

Most trendy taco spots around town carry similar traits - younger crowds, party-ish vibe, pumped up music, big menus with tons of options… basically an atmosphere that feels more club than taco shop. They’re places basically resembling your freshman year in college - you go there to have a good time and find out what you like. But as you start to figure out what that is, you tend to hone in and seek out something much more specific.

That’s our analogy for Dos Santos and what they’ve brought to the Denver scene. In fact, we’re officially dubbing them our taco grad school. It’s a smaller space, with smaller crowds and a super focused, smaller menu that looks to do what you like most, better.

The scene is very casual and friendly making it just about as perfect a spot as possible for early afternoon sessions when you don’t want to be around a rushed brunch scene. The food comes out fast, the cocktails come stiff and the staff is happy to bring both. And just like that “Urban Legends 300” class you tried to enroll in junior year, it’s gonna fill up fast as more people start hear about it, so get in there before that happens and you’re stuck with the “How to Wait Two Hours For a Meal 101” course.

Food Rundown

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Mexican corn on the cob. A decent appetizer that won’t disappoint and worth a try at least once. We tend to save room for as many tacos as possible, though. That’s just us.

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Dos Dip

The one thing on the menu that we aren’t a huge fan of. Not horrible, but not worth the order given everything else you can fill up on.

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In Guak we Trust

Three different versions of guacamole, ranging from classic, to fruit-based. Nice move if you’ve got a decent group that wants to get down on some chips and a pre-dinner cocktail before things ramp up.


A shrimp ceviche-ish special that comes in tostada or lettuce wrap form. We like it a lot, but the Del Mar is our choice for shrimp options if that’s where your head’s at.

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One of the most refreshing and light tacos we’ve had. That’s not to say it’s without big flavor, and despite just a few ingredients, dare we say, complexity? Must be the college reference. Pretty simple taco with raw tuna, cilantro aioli, pickled onions some other adds and a bib lettuce “shell”. But we love it and it’s a go-to every time we go to Dos Santos.

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Del Mar

Crunchy shrimp or fish tacos plain and simple; which is how shrimp or fish tacos should be. You wouldn’t think it to see some of the other ingredients (habanero aioli, leeks), but they’ve paired this thing together really well and it’s delicious. Another must have.

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A standard steak taco that you won’t be mad at, but not the shiniest thing on the menu.

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Shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re suckers for anything pork related, and this fits the bill. It could be a little more exciting, but that’s just because other tacos on the menu set the bar so high.

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One of the more filling tacos, and very good. A chicken taco which is similar to the Porky, in that it’s not anything mind blowing, but worth the order if you’re after something with a healthier twist, but also don’t want to eat five.


Always the chef’s choice, so it’ll rotate based on when you’re there. With the flavors coming out of the kitchen on the standard menu, we’re confident you’re probably safe/smart to try whatever this is when you go.