Cabin Juice

Cabin Juice, a farm-to-table restaurant inside Gravity Haus Breck, is another great dinner spot for big groups. While the large space has a lot going on—the carpets, plaid seating, fake deer heads, and chandeliers made out of fake antlers make it feel like an upscale hunting cabin—the food outshines any distractions. Ingredients are sourced from local farms, which is evident in everything from the wild-caught black cod and grass-fed cheeseburgers to the spaghetti squash pasta. It's all refreshing, filling, and a welcome break from all the chicken tenders and fries-heavy ski lodge menus. They also do a solid brunch with smoothies, breakfast burritos, and avocado toast, and should consider stopping by for aprés-ski snacks like fried zucchini.

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