Blue Pan

Detroit. Pretty good at hockey, used to be really good at making cars. Still really good at making chili cheese dogs/coney’s. But Detroit-style Pizza? Turns out, they’re really good at that too. Detroit-style pizza is highly delicious, and Blue Pan has brought some hip-to-be-square magic-ness to Denver. This tiny, Michigan-proud pizzeria has quickly become part of our regular rotation for quality LoHi eats.

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Twist our arm for a gripe about the place, and we might (strong might) mention the seating situation inside - “tiny” puts it pretty lightly (seats 10-15 tops) - but that gripe has more to do with us not wanting to wait for a table than the experience BP’s small interior size brings. Despite the elbow rubbing, we like the down home vibe this place gives off. It feels like a small mom & pop stop where neighborhood kids congregate after school for a slice, some soda and a game of jacks out front.

If you can swing a table and dine-in, do it. Especially if you’re eating alone. A seat at the bar is one of the best spots in town to catch a game on TV solo. Plus the staff is great at keeping you company. But don’t sleep on the take-out operation - the food doesn’t miss a beat if you’d rather get down at home. The Parma Italia and Brooklyn Bridge options are our favorites, but you won’t be mad at much on the menu. Just know that while they do offer a few thin(er) crust options, we don’t recommend veering away from the Detroit-style mains. Embrace the Motor City stuff and you’ll be happy. Just don’t go requesting any Kid Rock.

Food Rundown

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Parma Italia

Apparently this pie won first place at a pizza tournament in Italy. There’s a trophy behind the bar and everything. The bitters from the arugula match up with the salty parmesan, prosciutto, and tomato sauce, making this thing a big winner for us, and a must order for you. It also has burrata.

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This one won first place too, at a different pizza tournament. And just like the Parma it’s totally deserved. Big Italian flavors and spice, but no pizza sauce base. Hearty and delicious. Also, how do we get invited to these pizza tournaments?

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Brooklyn Bridge

This is our favorite. The creamy ricotta whips they drop on top make some serious noise in your mouth. And the pepperoni and sausage will bring you home. Get it.

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Tomato Pie

Best of the veggie options. We know it looks and sounds simple, but it hits hard with flavor. Tomato fans rejoice and get the large.

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Vernor’s Pop

Best ginger ale you’ll ever have. There’s great draft beer, wine and cocktails on the menu if you want to get a little boozed up, but you have to grab a Vernor’s on the side out of respect if nothing else.