Argyll Whisky Beer

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

After its initial run in Cherry Creek North from 2008–2011, Argyll has been reborn in an environment that’s a much better fit for its menu and late night hours. This is a gastro pub through and through with a great patio, handsome bar, and a swank dining room. It’s elegant but comfortable, and just what you want from a night out in Uptown.

Some dishes here don’t quite hit the high notes, but there’s enough goodness to keep us coming back. The best advice we can offer is that you stick to the more English-sounding food for best results. When in doubt, go for the bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, or fish and chips. But there are some less traditionally English items, like the lamb burger, that stand out too. The best part is that all these stereotypically leaden foods are relatively light and grease free. No English food jokes are applicable here.

You can spend most of an afternoon on the patio drinking whiskey and beer while crushing on a meat pie, but dinner is where Argyll shines. The menu’s diverse, but doesn’t stray so far from its central focus that it falls down. And the dining room is big enough and spread out enough that you can have a raucous birthday get together or a romantic dinner. The cherry on top is that on weekends, Argyll serves their full menu until 11p and a limited menu until 2am. That’s great to see considering Denver’s dearth of late night options outside of places like Illegal Pete’s and Two-Fisted Mario’s. Now who’s ready for some spotted dick?

Food Rundown

English Breakfast

An excellent example of this classic, but the value proposition is a bit off here. We love the mini toast with quail egg, beans, and sausage, but the portions feel a little small, especially for what a full English usually is.

Cauliflower Curry

Initially mild, but the heat sneaks up on you. Still could use a bit more spice, but a good one nonetheless with mango chutney on the side.

Lamb Burger

This is the kind of dish you build a menu around. Tender, juicy and delicious. We love the cucumber relish, tomato jam, and perfect bun. Whiskey and a lamb burger sounds like a good night to us.

Fish & Chips

A nice serving of cod that is light, flaky, and delicious. The minty mushy peas and tartar sauce are also tasty. Ask for some malt vinegar for the fish though, because the gastrique is too damn sweet. We also loved the triple cooked chips, which were the size of three human fingers fused together. Salty, delicious fingers.

Bangers & Mash

Shockingly light given the description. The lamb merguez sausage is earthy and subtlety sweet. The boudin is a tender, chicken thigh sausage that is more aggressively sweet (almost like a breakfast sausage), but goes well with the cheesey mashed potatoes. We’re also big fans of the whole grain mustard on the side to kick things up. A very solid dish that pairs perfectly with Argyll’s extensive beer and whiskey offerings.

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