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18 Great Spots For A Working Breakfast

Eating something good in the morning doesn’t have to be something you only do on weekends. Mitigate your workweek despair at any of these spots.

17 Spots
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17 Spots
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Ideally, your weekday morning would involve a leisurely breakfast consumed with friends (or the quiet comfort of your cell phone). In reality, that never happens.

But what does often happen is a working breakfast - whether that’s a meal with a client, a quick bite with your team before a presentation, or a solo excursion to cram in all the stuff you didn’t do late last night. And you know the easiest way to make those breakfasts more enjoyable? Food that hasn’t been reheated, vacuum sealed, or saran wrapped.

With that in mind, here are 18 of our favorite places for an actually-enjoyable working breakfast.

the spots


Brunch  in  Uptown
$$$$ 1429 E 18th Ave

OneFold is what we assume happens when an organic chicken farm and a boutique ad agency declare they’re common law married and have a baby. They make sustainable, tasty food look cool, instead of just crunchy. If you’re developing the next big idea, this is the best spot in the city for you and a couple of coworkers to do so over a great meal. It’s small enough to avoid big crowds, and the vibe is sure to supply confidence and endless creativity. Plus once your big idea goes public and makes you famous, you’ll only up your cool factor by telling Matt Lauer you developed the concept in a place like this.

The Universal

AmericanDiner  in  Sunnyside
$$$$ 2911 W 38th Ave

An inspiring solo breakfast could be the difference-maker in setting the tone for that morning’s big pitch meeting. Our go-to for such occasions is The Universal. It’s got a cool feel to it that’ll give you a dose of the attitude you need to go into that meeting and nail it. Sit at the bar here.

Bacon Social House

$$$$ 2434 W 44th Ave

Bacon Social has a really huge breakfast menu, and a massive amount of space both inside and out. They won’t have any issue accommodating larger groups or larger appetites. The menu here is pretty heavy, so consider this for more celebratory work events. Unless of course you want to make your boss super lethargic for your 2 o’clock one-on-one.


$$$$ 2339 W 44th Ave

Sometimes a small town neighborhoody feel and some toast with runny eggs is all it takes to make a bad morning great. If your boss gave you a sh*t assignment that’s doable offsite, head to Sunny’s. A working breakfast at 8 a.m. doesn’t get more relaxing, as the people eating here aren’t doing any work. Get your paperwork done over a simple breakfast from a friendly staff that isn’t trying to rush you out the door.


$$$$ 2262 Larimer St

Located in one of Denver’s best new tourist stops, Snooze is a smart bet if you’re looking to get a good meal and impress out of town clients or colleagues. The wait on weekdays isn’t nearly as bad as the weekend - 15 minutes tops most likely. Which will give you the perfect amount of time to walk your crew around Union Station and show off your historical knowledge of the old depot.


$$$$ 2550 15th St

A quick breakfast usually means a stale bagel or maybe, if the intern is looking to earn points at the office, the occasional donut. But you deserve better, and quick doesn’t have to mean mediocre. Prosper is one of Denver’s finest stops for some fast/filling/delicious oats. The move here is grab-and-go, but there are a few seats to stop if you want to eat it there.

Black Eye Coffee

$$$$ 800 Sherman St

Black Eye is one of the most worthwhile trendy spots in Cap. Hill., especially at 7am. And that’s saying a lot given how many places like this there are around the area. A higher price point for coffee and breakfast, but again, it’s worth it.

DJ's Berkeley Cafe

$$$$ 3838 Tennyson St

Another neighborhood haunt, but with a more lively vibe. If you’re looking for a central place in the middle of the city for a quick but high-quality morning where you can knock out some to-dos with a client, DJ’s is the place. Think salt of the Earth patrons in a hip neighborhood. Ron Swanson would love this place, as would Little Sebastian.

Olive & Finch

$$$$ 1552 E. 17th Ave.

If you’ve got some time before your company’s annual all hands meeting, and actually like hanging out with your colleagues, go here.. From a simple pastry and coffee order, to pulled pork and eggs, there’s enough on the menu to satisfy all of you while you make under-over bets about how many bullsh*t corporate initiatives will be announced.

Lucile's Creole Cafe

$$$$ 275 S Logan St

On weekends you might find yourself waiting an hour our two to get a seat at Lucile’s, but guess what? They’re open during the week, too, and there’s hardly ever a wait. This is a much more indulgent breakfast, but if you’re looking to impress colleagues in town who like to go big on beignets, grease and gravy for breakfast, this is your play.

Jelly U Cafe

$$$$ 1700 E. Evans Ave.

Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that matters most, and we really dig how much the simple stuff matters to the folks at Jelly U. The food, the service, the design details - Jelly puts a lot of focus on things that other places take for granted. Plus you can get a $3 bloody mary on weekdays. Do with that information what you will.


Wooden Spoon

DessertBakery/Cafe  in  LoHi
$$$$ 2418 W 32nd Ave

Sometimes you just want to disappear for a bit to clear your head, and there’s no better spot for that, in our opinion, than Wooden Spoon. With just a handful of seats in their broom-closet-sized space, Wooden Spoon is as unassuming and under-the-radar as you can get. Grab a coffee, a pastry, or maybe a slice of nutella cake, and watch the leaves fall for long enough to forget about your most annoying cubicle-mate Cathy.


Devil's Food

$$$$ 1020 South Gaylord St.

Most people think of Devil’s Food mainly as a brunch spot, and that’s fair. But don’t sleep on their weekday offerings. Gravy-smothered waffles and other Southern-inspired options make this menu worth braving the army of strollers you’ll have to maneuver when you’re out and about in this area of town Monday through Friday.


$$$$ 999 18th St #105

Nothing beats a weekday hangover better than a fat order of pancakes, and if you’re going do pancakes, you’ll want to eat them at Syrup. Block off your calendar for “brainstorming” and get after some fluffy flapjacks and some homemade syrups.

In the mood for really good bakery goods? Gateaux’s is as good as it gets. Fresh muffins, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and cake pops. Yes, cake pops are part of a nutritious breakfast. Especially the pink ones.

Denver Biscuit Company

$$$$ 3237 E Colfax Ave

Entertaining out-of-towners on a Wednesday morning before work? Bring them here. You might be able to get homemade biscuits and gravy pretty much anywhere in America, but the biscuits and gravy at Denver Biscuit Company will beat most others, plus they come with just about any delicious item you can think of, including fat pieces of fried chicken.

The Noshery

$$$$ 4994 Lowell Blvd

Part diner, part award-winning bakery, The Noshery is our favorite lesser known breakfast place in and around the Berkley area. Volunteer to take care of your office party cake duties by heading here to make the order. Then stay for some eggs.

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