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Woodshed Smokehouse

$$$$(817) 740-8835
Hours:TUESDAY9:00AM to 10:00PM

Woodshed’s expansive and cozy outdoor patio near University West includes both a xeriscaped garden and patio deck, and it’s perfect for small groups. It’s impressive but welcoming, even to your four-legged friends, where you can keep Fido occupied with a "Rawhide Bone Dipped in Pitmaster Fat” while you and your friends share a cocktail pitcher - we’re partial to the Piggy Punch, a sweet and tart spin on the Paloma. In case you forgot you were in Texas, everything here is cooked with fire and smoke, including things like pork rib-meat tamales, large-format “Dining With Friends” dishes like the Beef Shin, or their sausage of the day, which can be anything from rattlesnake to rabbit.

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