Nihao YAO is a small, family-run Taiwanese restaurant in Nørrebrod where the portions are snack-sized and intended to be shared with a group. The result is delicious food in a relaxed space where it’s easy to feel like you’re at the family table. And there’s a good chance you will be: take a look around and you’ll just as likely spot a multi-generational family gathering, including the restaurant’s owners, as you will a couple on a promising first date. Help yourself to the water jugs and vats of green tea that are placed on the communal tables with spouted pots of soya sauce and chilli oil. Ordering food feels more like ordering rounds at a bar, as you’ll find yourself going back to the counter more than once to request more braised pork belly, guabao, and potstickers, which are made from dough that’s at once crispy with a fudgey chew, and a filling so juicy it’s bound to go everywhere once you dig in. Don’t be proud, wipe your chin, and get another round in.

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