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Sarah Freeman has never met a cocktail she didn’t get along with. She’s spent the last decade becoming a regular at more than one Chicago dive as well as eating out entirely too often. As a former editor of Zagat, Eater, and October, she’s used to people asking her where to go for dinner and which beer they should be drinking right now. When she’s not introducing you to your new favorite bar, she can be found reading, baking, and boxing. Not at the same time.

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Easy Does It review image

CHI Review

Easy Does It

Easy Does It is a natural wine bar in Logan Square with lots of outdoor space.

Solemn Oath Still Life review image

CHI Review

Solemn Oath Still Life

Solemn Oath Still Life is the Logan Square taproom of the Naperville-based brewery.

Outside Voices review image

CHI Review

Outside Voices

Outside Voices is a wine bar in Logan Square that we’d like to remodel our apartment after.

The Native review image

CHI Review

The Native

The Native is a classic Logan Square bar serving up everything from slushies to beers.

Way Out review image

CHI Review

Way Out

Way Out is a divey bar in Logan Square with a pool table, jukebox, and plenty of other fun stuff.

Welcome Back Lounge review image

CHI Review

Welcome Back Lounge

Welcome Back Lounge is a retro Logan Square bar with tons of outdoor space that’s great for a fun night out.

The Best Bars in Logan Square guide image

CHI Guide

The Best Bars in Logan Square

There are plenty of places to drink in the neighborhood, but these are our favorites.