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Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Bensonhurst, Monica loves all things Brooklyn - especially the Verrazzano Bridge. She left a corporate media career to launch her own boutique ad agency and works closely with chefs and artists so they can attain an artistic and economic balance. She’s also a Depeche Mode devotee that loves authentic Neapolitan pizza and Argentinian Malbec.

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The Best Empanadas In NYC guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Empanadas In NYC

Aside from the obvious allure of biting into a hot, crunchy pouch, the most exciting thing about NYC’s empanadas is the vast range of styles.

Cafe Argentino review image

NYC Review

Cafe Argentino

Cafe Argentino is an Argentinian spot in Williamsburg with a great parrillada and live tango.

Buenos Aires review image

NYC Review

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an Argentinian spot in the East Village with great empanadas, mollejas, and provoleta.

Criollas Baked Empanadas review image

NYC Review

Criollas Baked Empanadas

Criollas Baked in Columbus Circle makes some of the best empanadas we've ever had.

El Gauchito review image

NYC Review

El Gauchito

El Gauchito is a classic Argentinian spot in Elmhurst with great empanadas and more meat than we could ever imagine.

Empanada Loca review image

NYC Review

Empanada Loca

Empanada Loca is a Colombian spot in Greenwood Heights with excellent empanadas.

Nuchas Artisan Empanadas review image

NYC Review

Nuchas Artisan Empanadas

Nuchas is an empanada stand near Koreatown with a huge variety of handheld treats.