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Cheryl Rodewig is a lifestyle journalist and editor who’s been covering things she likes, mainly food and travel, for the past 15 years. Along the way, she picked up an MBA, got an award one time (thanks, Georgia Press Association), and had her words appear in such places as USA Today, The Guardian, AARP, the London Evening Standard, and all over When she isn't writing or planning her next trip from her home base in Florida, she's often cooking in her kitchen but probably not following the recipe.

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The Best Restaurants In Orlando guide image


The Best Restaurants In Orlando

Our 21 favorite places for gin cocktails in mini bathtubs, crème brûlée cream puffs, Cuban sandwiches, and more.

Kres Chophouse review image


Kres Chophouse

Kres Chophouse is a solid steakhouse with an impressive vegan menu.

Teak Neighborhood Grill review image


Teak Neighborhood Grill

Teak Neighborhood Grill is a great sports bar that serves excellent burgers.

Agave Azul review image


Agave Azul

Agave Azul is a Mexican restaurant and an ideal family dinner spot, especially since it's less than 10 minutes away from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Ava Mediterraegean review image


Ava Mediterraegean

Head to Ava Mediterraegean for a big night out in Winter Park.

The Monroe review image


The Monroe

The Monroe serves upscale comfort food, like pastrami corn dogs and frito pie, in Creative Village.

Twenty Pho Hour review image


Twenty Pho Hour

Twenty Pho Hour on International Drive calls itself America's first 2D noodle bar. Regardless, it's a great place for a rich bowl of broth.