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Allison is a Bay Area-based travel blogger who made her way home after taking the long route, traveling through more than 60 countries along the way. When she’s not stuffing her face around California, you’ll find her rock climbing, planning her next international escape, or writing about her travels at Eternal Arrival.

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Taste of the Himalayas review image

SF Review

Taste of the Himalayas

Taste of the Himalayas in Sonoma serves Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian dishes in a casual environment.

Sunflower Caffé review image

SF Review

Sunflower Caffé

Sunflower Caffé is a brunch spot in Sonoma with a covered back patio.

Il Fuoco review image

SF Review

Il Fuoco

Il Fuoco on Highway 12 makes fantastic wood-fired pizzas, like a classic margherita and a fresh clam pie.

LaSalette review image

SF Review


LaSalette is a small Portuguese restaurant in Sonoma that's perfect for a casual lunch with friends.

Della Santina’s review image

SF Review

Della Santina’s

Della Santina’s in Sonoma is where you should eat a lot of pasta with a group of friends.

Oso Sonoma review image

SF Review

Oso Sonoma

Oso in Sonoma is a great place for Happy Hour.

Tasca Tasca review image

SF Review

Tasca Tasca

Tasca Tasca is a tapas restaurant in Sonoma with an all-Portuguese wine list.