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Abby is a writer with a focus on queer, comedic stories. She is a recent graduate of The Second City Film School, where she learned to hone her talents as a comedic storyteller and goof around with like-minded people. If you want to get to know Abby, please picture David Rose from Schitt's Creek, Abbi Abrams from Broad City, and Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation all in the body of a six-foot-tall lesbian with coordination issues. Other than frequenting the gay bars in town, Abby loves to create content, stare at her dog until he gets creeped out, and overwater her dying plants.

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Scarlet review image

CHI Review


Scarlet is one of the best places to dance on North Halsted.

North End review image

CHI Review

North End

The North End is a great sports bar located in the heart of Northalsted

Cell Block review image

CHI Review

Cell Block

Cell Block in Northalsted has a leather bar in the back and darts upfront.

DS Tequila Company review image

CHI Review

DS Tequila Company

DS Tequila Company is a Tex-Mex and burger spot on North Halsted.

Charlie’s review image

CHI Review


Charlie’s is a late-night bar and club in Northalsted with great drag shows.

Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club review image

CHI Review

Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club

Kit Kat Lounge is a bar and restaurant on North Halsted with some of the best drag shows.

Replay Beer & Bourbon review image

CHI Review

Replay Beer & Bourbon

Replay is a game-centric bar on North Halsted with a big beer selection.