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How To Make A Mango Mezcal Margarita
You should make one of these for the alliteration alone. But if that isn’t reason enough, this drink will also impress anyone who enters your home.
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One day, there will be a show about some people named Mango and Mezcal. These two will solve mysteries, practice law, or just be really good friends - and the series will get canceled midway through its first season. But it’ll be hard to fault the showrunners for the concept. Mango and mezcal were born to be together - and the best way to enjoy this combination is with a Mango Mezcal Margarita. It isn’t as tricky to make as it sounds, and it’s one of the single most impressive things you can drink in your home.

How It Tastes: Juicy, smoky, like hanging out near a barbecue on a boardwalk

Why You Should Drink One: Mango and mezcal provide compelling evidence that some things are just made for one another.



The Infatuation Guide To Making Better Cocktails At Home


Mango Mezcal Margarita

You’ll Need:

Makes 1 Mango Mezcal Margarita

  • Ice
  • Rocks glass
  • 2 ounces mezcal
  • .75 lime juice
  • .25 ounce agave
  • .75 ounce mango purée
  • Tajín

Step One: Tajín

Much like mango and mezcal, mango and Tajín (a Mexican seasoning made from sea salt, lime, and chile peppers) were made for one another. But instead of putting Tajín in our drink, we’re going to rim half of our glass with it. So take a small saucer, pour a layer of Tajín, then wipe a lime wedge around half the rim of your glass, and dip the rim in your Tajín.

Step Two: Agave

A typical margarita calls for .5 ounce agave (or .75 ounce triple sec), but mango purée has a decent amount of sugar in it as well, so here we only need half that amount. Add .25 ounce agave to your cocktail shaker - and feel free to throw in a bit more if your drink is too tart.

Step Three: Lime Juice

Is this a Margarita? Yes. Therefore, you’re going to need some fresh lime juice. Get a lime, juice it, and add .75 ounce lime juice to your cocktail shaker.

Step Four: Mango Purée

If you’re wondering how mango purée comes into existence, it’s really not that complicated. Just carve up a mango, and throw it in your blender. Once it’s smooth, you have mango purée. Take .75 ounce mango purée, and throw it in your cocktail shaker.

Step Five: Mezcal

There’s a time and place for top-shelf mezcal - and this isn’t it. The nuance will be at least slightly wasted on this drink. That said, you should still use a quality affordable mezcal (a $40 bottle, say), and the good news is, these are pretty easy to come across. Vida from Del Maguey is a great example. Whatever you choose, pour 2 ounces into your cocktail shaker.

Step Six: Shake

Next, add 5 or 6 ice cubes to your shaker, and shake hard for around 20 seconds. After that, pour your cocktail into your Tajín-rimmed rocks glass (filled with ice), and take a good long sniff. It should smell exactly like a bonfire on the beach. Garnish with a lime wheel or a bit more Tajín, and consume immediately.

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