The Ultimate Gift For Cocktail Drinkers

Give the gift of The Infatuation’s Cocktail Essentials Set: our tools of choice for making great drinks at home.

Over the past year, we’ve made a lot of cocktails together. Over 80, to be a little more precise. We’ve also shown you how to shake, stir, and make the absolute best ice possible - because such a thing does, in fact, exist.

Now we want to help you give the gift of a perfect at-home bar setup - and yes, it’s more than acceptable to give this gift to yourself. So please, allow me to introduce you to The Infatuation’s Cocktail Essentials Set. It has all the tools you need to make an impeccable Last Word, New York Sour, or whatever original cocktail you’ve modestly named after yourself.

When we set out to design our very first cocktail gift set, we knew we wanted to include items that a) we actually use every day, and b) happen to look great, too. That’s why we partnered with Cocktail Kingdom. I’ve been using their equipment since I was a new bartender who mostly worked brunch shifts, and if you walk into any cocktail bar, you’re almost guaranteed to see Cocktail Kingdom tools in the hands of the person making your drinks.

So if you need a gift for a cocktail enthusiast or anyone who’s shown interest in a properly made Martini, our set is - in my unbiased opinion - the perfect choice. It looks great, and it works even better. And, it’s a great value: $84.99 for five tools you’ll use in pretty much every cocktail-making scenario.

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We’re recommending this kit because we actually use the products in it. Equipment you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Here's What's Included:

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Koriko Shaking Tins are hands down the single most important cocktail objects to have in your home. These tins are weighted on the ends for rigidity and ease of use, and if you put them both together, they form a nearly-indestructible Boston-style cocktail shaker. I’ve probably made around 10,000 drinks with this exact setup.

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The Koriko Hawthorne Strainer has a tightly coiled spring to help you catch all the tiny bits of ice, mint, and raspberry pulp that would otherwise wind up in your shaken cocktail. It’s the single best strainer I’ve used, it fits perfectly on top of a Koriko Shaking Tin, and there’s something weirdly satisfying about its heft. I enjoy holding it in my hand, and I’m not ashamed to say so.

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Need to measure your ingredients? That was a rhetorical question. Measuring is extremely important, and that’s what a Japanese-Style Jigger is for. It has a 2-ounce end and a 1-ounce end, with hash marks inside delineating smaller measurements - and it’s the exact same jigger that you’ve probably seen at some of your favorite bars. I’ve owned one for years, and now it’s pretty much an extension of my body.

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Finally, there’s stirring equipment. The Infatuation’s Cocktail Essentials Set comes with a silver-plated Hoffman Bar Spoon (because you can always use more silver-plated things) as well as a 500 ml Kiroto Mixing Glass perfect for making multiple Negonis at once. It’s a super sturdy vessel, and it’s nice enough to function as a centerpiece for your table if you run out of flowers or fake fruit.

Ready to make flawless drinks with some professional-quality equipment that your next dinner guests will probably try to take from you? It’s time to pick up The Infatuation’s Cocktail Essentials Set. It’s only available while supplies last, and it’ll make the perfect gift for anyone who’s been spending a little more time at home lately and appreciates a well-made drink.

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