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How To Make A Dark ’N Stormy

The Dark ’n Stormy is a rum cocktail that requires only three ingredients, and tastes like it should be a lot harder to make.

The name of this drink sounds dramatic and mysterious, and it provides almost no hint as to what you’re about to consume - but a Dark ’n Stormy is really just a somewhat fancy highball. It requires exactly three ingredients, you don’t have to shake or stir any of them, and if you have decent hand-eye coordination, you can put this cocktail together in about 30 seconds. The only catch is, it requires a specific kind of dark-brown rum called Goslings Black Seal Rum. But you can find that at pretty much any liquor store. It’s almost as if the universe wants you to have this drink.

How It Tastes: Rich, Spicy, Like It Should Take A Lot Longer To Make

Drink If You Like: Airmails, Moscow Mules

All cocktails featured on The Infatuation are developed by our editorial team. How To Make A Dark ’N Stormy is presented by Goslings Black Seal Rum. Visit to Live Laugh Learn and enter to win a trip to Bermuda. Contest ends June 1, 2021. US residents only, 21+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

How To Make A Dark ’N Stormy cocktail image

The Dark 'N Stormy

You’ll Need:

  • Ice

  • Highball

  • 2 ounces Goslings Black Seal Rum

  • .5 ounce lime juice

  • Ginger Beer

Step One: Ice

Like we mentioned early, you aren’t going to shake or stir this drink. You’re going to build it right in the glass - so go ahead and fill a highball all the way to the top with ice. We like crushed ice for a Dark ’n Stormy, but if you don’t feel like putting a bunch of ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and basing them with a mallet, we understand. Use whatever cubes you have.

Step Two: Lime Juice

Never underestimate the power of lime juice. Even a small amount will liven up a cocktail and help balance any sweetness. And fresh-squeezed lime juice is key. So find a lime, juice it (this should yield about an ounce of juice), and add .5 ounce to your highball.

Step Three: Ginger Beer

To be clear, ginger beer is not the same thing as ginger ale. For starters, ginger beer actually tastes like ginger, whereas ginger ale is mostly just a pale-yellow form of liquid candy. Pour ginger beer into your highball so that you have about an inch and a half of room left at the top of your glass.

Step Four: Goslings Black Seal Rum

This is the (extremely) rare type of cocktail that calls for a specific brand of alcohol. In this case, it’s Goslings Black Seal Rum - a dark rum that isn’t nearly as thick or heavy as the color suggests, with subtle notes of vanilla and molasses. Carefully pour 2 ounces of this rum over the ginger beer in your highball so that it floats at the top of your drink, creating a two-tone color scheme. This might seem silly to you, and you might be tempted to just dump your rum in and mix everything up - but you should know that at least 25% of the appeal of this cocktail is aesthetic. Do the right thing. The rum will eventually settle into the rest of the drink on its own, and, by that point, you’ll be writing us a thank you letter for showing you how to make a Dark ’n Stormy. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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