3 Mezcal Cocktails That Should Be Modern Classics cocktail image


3 Mezcal Cocktails That Should Be Modern Classics

If you like mezcal as much as we do, here’s something you’ll appreciate: three great mezcal cocktails you can easily make at home.

Thumb through any “classic” cocktail book, and you’ll notice something interesting: a distinct lack of mezcal. This is probably due to the fact that mezcal has a relatively new level of worldwide popularity - but that doesn’t make the situation OK. Mezcal is a top-5 spirit, and you deserve to drink more of it. So, today I’m going to introduce you to three mezcal cocktails you can make at home tonight. But first, we’ll go over how to buy and use this centuries-old Oaxacan spirit that deserves a place in your liquor cabinet, pantry, or bedside drawer.

Mango Mezcal Margarita

3 Mezcal Cocktails That Should Be Modern Classics cocktail image

Mango and mezcal were born to be partners - and the best way to enjoy this combination is with a Mango Mezcal Margarita. It isn’t as tricky to make as it sounds, and it’s one of the single most impressive things you can drink in your home.

How To Make A Mango Mezcal Margarita →

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

3 Mezcal Cocktails That Should Be Modern Classics cocktail image

The Oaxaca Old Fashioned (invented by Phil Ward in 2007), is a pretty straightforward riff on a classic, replacing the Old Fashioned’s bourbon with mezcal and reposado tequila. It’s a quick and easy variation to make at home and - along with the rum version - it’s one of the few Old Fashioneds we fully endorse for beach-adjacent drinking.

How To Make A Oaxaca Old Fashioned →

Mezcal Derby

3 Mezcal Cocktails That Should Be Modern Classics cocktail image

This cocktail is an Infatuation Original, and it’s designed to be made at home. In other words, you won’t need to buy any hard-to-find bottles that will sit in your liquor cabinet for several hundred years, and you can probably find all of the ingredients within walking distance of the place where you sleep at night.

How To Make A Mezcal Derby →

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