Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill review image

Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill

Japanese in West Town

Hours: FRIDAY5:00PM to 11:00PM
    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Birthdays
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Keeping It Kind Of Healthy

You could go to Yuzu and order simple, traditional sushi, but that’s not the best way to enjoy this restaurant. Instead, come for the massive, crazily artistic rolls. A giant Dragon Roll with shrimp tempura, avocado, and unagi sounds basic - until it shows up with a preposterous dragon drawn out of food-colored spicy mayo. It’s a little ridiculous, but it looks cool, and tastes good. That’s pretty much Yuzu - not sushi worth driving across town for, but a great spot for a group hang in the neighborhood.