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Emojis are more fun than words. Why bother speaking to people using your non-existent grammar skills when you can just send a picture. So here’s our review of WonFun Chinese: 🔥 😎 .

That’s it. Review over.

If you don’t speak Millennial, we’ll break it down. There are two key parts to 🔥 😎 . One: This food is 🔥🔥🔥, as in hey, this place is great. Two: This food is 🔥🔥🔥, as in hey, almost every bite of food is spicy as hell and my mouth feels a little bit tingly and numb from all these Sichuan peppercorns. Thanks to the🔥 emojis on the menu, you'll know just how🔥 each dish is. And hey, this place is really cool. 😎.

The focus here is on Sichuan cuisine, which means you can expect a lot of bold and spicy flavors. Expect typical dishes like Sichuan pork wontons, dan dan noodles, and mapo tofu, as well as some modern Chinese-American riffs, like General Tso’s chicken wings.

Neil Burger

Don’t miss the subtle entrance right off Randolph and directly next to sandwich favorite J.P. Graziano. In fact, WonFun itself is the former warehouse of J.P. Graziano, and you get those vibes from the lofted ceilings and brick walls. It’s a dark and narrow room with a row of large booths and a lot of red globe lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Aside from bar seats, the booths are the only tables, and it makes each booth feel like you’re own private space. The seating arrangement is what makes WonFun perfect for dinner with a few friends.

Make sure to check out the upstairs bar, 2Fun Chinese, either before or after you eat. It’s surprisingly bigger with similar vibes and a huge paper dragon strung throughout the bar. There’s even a nice dim sum menu available with a few of the same items from the menu downstairs.

🔥😎 . Got it? Good.

Food Rundown

General Tso’s Chicken Wings

Ever had General Tso’s chicken? This is literally the chicken wing version. It’s a good appetizer if you’re in the mood for a little wing snack.

Chinese Bacon Buns

Little bao sandwiches with thick-cut pork, pickles, and hoisin sauce. Good starter, and also a great snack in the upstairs bar.


Quality barbecue baos with smoked pork and sauce. Very into these.

Sichuan Pork Wontons

You need these. In fact, you might need a second or third or possibly fourth order depending how many people are at your table and if you want to eat more than one. Awesome pork wontons sitting in just enough chili oil and soy sauce to add some saltiness and spice. 🔥

Kung Pao Chicken

This is for your friend who thinks, oh cool, Chinese food, let’s get the Kung Pao Chicken. It’s good and a safe bet. 🔥

Chongqing Fried Chicken

Double-fried, double spicy, and they aren’t kidding. Think of this as Nashville hot chicken meats extra numbing spicy via sichuan peppercorns. And we mean that in the best kind of spicy, crispy, juicy fried chicken kind of way. 🔥🔥🔥

Cracked Rice Short Ribs

This dish was the biggest surprise to us in the we weren’t really quite sure what to expect but that couldn’t have been any better kind of way. It’s basically a bunch of boneless short ribs cooked into some cracked rice. It’s meaty and delicious and doesn’t have a ton of heat compared to everything else on the menu. Order it. 🔥

Dan Dan Noodles

These are some thick dan dan noodles with minced beef and chili sauce. We like them a lot, and you either need these or the biang biang mien on your table. 🔥🔥

Biang Biang Mien

Wide noodles with cumin-lamb, cilantro, and fresno chilis. Not as spicy as the dan dan and the cumin lamb is definitely a little different, so that could be the deciding factor between the two. 🔥

Rice Corner

A few different options of fried rice ranging from plain, to shrimp, to pork, to even foie gras fried rice. Never a bad idea to have some on the table as a side. And we’ll add that you get a very generous portion of quality foie gras if that interests you.

Beijing Style Duck Dinner

For $80 you get a ton of duck, duck fried rice with foie gras, and duck bone broth. They say it feeds 4-6, but three hungry guys could take it down. Either way, it's a great deal either way. We won't call it a must-have, but it’s a strong option for a reasonable price if peking duck sounds good.

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