Via Lima is a Peruvian restaurant in North Center with some very good dishes. The ceviches are well-executed, and let you mix and match different fishes and sauces. The pollo a la brasa is great. And the use of choclo in the corn soufflé topped with duck confit is incredible. The space is nicely decorated, and works for a casual weeknight dinner or a casual date night in the neighborhood. Don't plan your week around a night here, but it definitely belongs in your rotation.

Food Rundown


Marinated fish with lime, red onion, sweet potato, savory corn, Peruvian pepper, and tiger’s milk, which we hear builds strong bones. You can choose your own type of fish and pair it with a different spice level. We suggest the tasting option so you can give a few different styles a try.

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Papa Rellena

Giant potato croquettes stuffed with beef, raisin, onion, tomato, egg, and black olive.

Pastel de Choclo

An awesome corn souffle topped with duck confit and more choclo, or peruvian corn, which is much bigger and more savory than your standard corn on the cob.

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Rocoto Relleno

The rice-stuffed peppers are topped with a bunch of mozzarella cheese and have a potato au gratin underneath. We’re fans.

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Arroz Con Mariscos

A seafood and rice dish with shrimp, calamari, scallops, octopus, onion, red bell pepper, garlic, peas, and a pepper puree. Good for seafood lovers.

Pollo a la Brasa

Chicken marinated with pepper, garlic, beer, and soy sauce, and served with fries. Order this.

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