Veggie House

As the only vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Veggie House is a must-visit if you’re vegetarian. But even if you aren’t, you can still come here and have a good meal. 

The menu is long, with a lot of vegan options, too. To help you narrow things down, our favorite dishes are the orange chicken (mushrooms fried in an everlastingly crispy batter and drizzled with a sweet and tangy glaze) and the Mongolian beef, which layers a savory soy sauce on top of plant-based strips acting as tender beef doppelgängers. The steamed spicy dumplings have a satisfying bite, but are mild—definitely ask for extra chili oil if, like us, you also enjoy turning your mouth into a sauna.

With a decent number of booths and tables, this casual spot is perfect for grabbing a bite with friends, and maybe even easing vegetable-averse children into actually liking mushrooms (which yes, we know are technically fungus).

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