Subo Filipino Kitchen

Despite being a small restaurant tucked away in an Albany Park strip mall, Subo’s menu is huge. With over 20 entrees, plus empanadas, multiple types of egg rolls, and lots of desserts, it’s a comprehensive survey of Filipino food. They have everything from garlic rice breakfast bowls with eggs, to classics like sinigang or “chocolate meat”, a.k.a. dinuguan. This comforting pork blood stew is cooked with vinegar and different pork cuts, and gets its nickname from its rich dark color that's reminiscent of melted Hershey’s bar. But the best part about Subo is their combo rice plates that let you try a couple of dishes without needing an entourage to help you make your way through their long menu. Though if you do bring a lot of people, their $15 mountain of pancit is an incredible deal.

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