Son of a Butcher

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Son of a Butcher

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Pulling off the whole tavern that doubles as a destination restaurant thing can be tough to do. On one hand, you want to be a cool place to hang and drink. On the other, it’s a restaurant goddamnit, which means serving more than booze and bar bites. It’s not impossible though, and there are great places that make it work. Son Of A Butcher is not one of those places.

Let’s start with the positive, glass half full approach. We’re into Son Of A Butcher as a local neighborhood tavern. The staff is friendly, waitpersons and bartenders alike, and it’s a casual place to hang out. It’s dark inside, and there are both deer heads and random pictures of pigs and old people on the wall - all of which seem very fitting for drinking something dark. We would even order easy bar food like a burger, fried chicken sandwich, or fries with chorizo gravy to go along with a whisky or beer.

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The problem is Son Of A Butcher gets carried away with trying to execute a complicated menu. Aside from the previously mentioned items, the menu is very heavy in the entree department with things like steak frites, duck bolognese, and pulled pork by the pound. Some things are alright, while others are just bad, and none of it's that great. We wish Son Of A Butcher would stay in its lane, meaning ditch the entree style system that doesn't work and serve a menu full of quality pub food that goes along with the tavern feel. Until then, we suggest treating this place more like a neighborhood bar than restaurant.

Food Rundown

Fries With Chorizo Gravy

Fries with gravy and bits of chorizo. Good to share.

Braised Beef Meat Pie

This isn't good. Rather than a singular meat pie, it's three different bad meat balls topped with smoke gouda. Nope.


Spaghetti noodles with duck bolognese, shaved parmesan, and a duck egg. Not bad if you want to share, but you don't need to come here for pasta.

Mussels & Meatballs

Mussels and meatballs sound like a weird combo, and guess what, they are! It's basically just a pot of both of those things in a below average tomato sauce.

Chicken Confit Drumsticks

For $12 you get four chicken confit drumsticks. They're good as an appetizer, but if it's wings you're after then go get a dozen elsewhere for the same price.


If you want to eat here, we'd come to grab the burger or fried chicken sandwich at the bar.

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