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Italian in Humboldt Park

    Perfect for
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Date Night

The food at this casual Italian restaurant in Humboldt Park stands out in Chicago’s pasta and chicken parmesan landscape. Every dish at Segnatore has some kind of creative twist that makes it interesting. Like meatballs filled with melted scamorza, offering the benefits of a Juicy Lucy without the risk of third-degree burns. Or a deconstructed lasagna that’s a pile of handmade garlic mafaldine, whipped ricotta, and a mushroom bolognese that would win in a steel cage death match against any meat version. The restaurant has the vibe of a European cafe, and is busy with couples on dates, small groups catching up, and people laughing at the bar drinking wine and having oysters—all of whom are probably pretending they’re on vacation.

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