Ruby’s Fast Food

Ruby’s Fast Food has been serving Filipino food since 1997, but moved into a new location in Albany Park in 2022. They started out as a “turo-turo” or “point-point” restaurant, where pre-cooked dishes were laid out in steam trays where you could point at what you wanted to order. Now, complete with plenty of tables, TVs on the wall, and bar seating, it feels like a neighborhood sports bar. But instead of underwhelming buffalo wings and bottom shelf tequila, it has delicious Filipino food. Some of their standouts are the kare kare with tender oxtail in a creamy peanut butter stew as well as their garlicky and spicy dinuguan. But you definitely can’t leave without ordering the crispy pata. The fried pork leg is a balanced combination of buttery meat and crackly skin that you wish Lay’s would start selling in snack bags.

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