Quesabirria Jalisco Chicago

Things we love that are orange? Tang, the Reddit logo, and the tacos at Quesabirria Jalisco in Pilsen. They’re doused in chili-laden consommé, layered with cheese, packed with juicy beef birria, and crisped up on a grill. The tacos can also be stuffed with chicken or shrimp, and you can mix and match in packs of three to 12. They come with sides of salsas, including a creamy and spicy “bussin sauce” that also happens to be orange. But our allegiance is to the combination of tender birria, dunked into the side of broth, and topped with wonderfully spicy salsa verde that cuts through the richness, resulting in a perfect bite. Like the menu, the counter-service space is small—there are only four tables, so unless you get lucky, plan on placing your order to go. While you wait, you can admire the chaotically charming decor, complete with Star Wars memorabilia and inspirational wooden signs that you’ve probably seen in an aisle at Home Goods.

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