With its low ceilings and dim lighting, Potsticker House feels a little more like a basement than a full-sized house—but (specifics aside) this casual Chinese spot makes potstickers. While their potstickers are pretty good (along with the other dumplings on their menu) the one that tops the podium is their xiao long bao.

That's because they're full of tender meat and rich comforting broth. The wrapper does tend to break occasionally and the broth can be a bit too fatty, but, on a good day, Potsticker House's soup dumplings are some of the best in the city. And with plenty of group seating, sharing baskets of XLBs with friends is the best way to have a meal here. Just make sure to save room for their tangyuan, the tiny glutinous rice balls filled with sweet black sesame paste that are a great dessert to round out your meal.

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