This Pilsen bakery offers more than 10 vegan options, many of which are classic pan dulce or “sweetbreads.” While you may instantly recognize the pastel pink or cocoa-dusted conchas, Nuevo Leon has other classics you should try, starting with the abanico, or fan, made of palotiado, a flaky Mexican pastry. Sweet with a buttery crust, these are perfect for dipping into coffee. Another coffee-friendly treat is the marranito, a molasses “polvorón” or shortbread cookie shaped like a pig - and yes, much like animal crackers, these are still vegan despite their resemblance to the real thing. This cookie is a comforting blend of spicy and sweet, and the top is crackly in the most satisfying way. The cutest part? They mark the cookie with a little “v” so you know it’s vegan-friendly.

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11 Great Chicago Bakeries With Vegan Options

You’ll find great pastries, cakes, pies, and cookies at these spots, all of which are egg and dairy-free.