Little Madrid Tapas Cafe

We really want to like Little Madrid Tapas Cafe. The service is great, and it’s Andersonville’s only tapas place. While some dishes are pretty good (the creamy iberico ham croquettes are crispy and the morcilla con pimientos have a good balance of saltiness, spice, and funk) the mostly lackluster food and incredibly dark dining room make for an unenjoyable dining experience. A too-sweet glaze overpowers the chistorra sausage with potatoes, the sweet albondigas clash against a tidal wave of tangy tomato sauce, and the paella disappoints with a trifecta of overcooked rice, rubbery seafood, and overzealous use of salt. So if you’re in the area and looking for a dinner with a bunch of small plates, you might want to check out Uvae or Gadabout instead.