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High Five Ramen

$$$$(312) 754-0431
Hours:TUESDAY6:00PM to 12:00AM

High Five Ramen is a tiny ramen shop from the Au Cheval team that’s hidden in the basement of Green Street Smoked Meats. And we mean that literally. Head towards the door of Green Street but instead pop into the first door on your left and walk downstairs. This basement ramen bar is dark, loud, and has about 15 seats. And that’s why we encourage you to eat here alone. Getting side by side seats in a 15 person ramen bar that’s generally buzzing is tough to do, so why bother waiting forever for a quick ramen? You shouldn’t. Eat alone.

Write your name on the first grade-style sign in sheet if there’s a wait, which there most likely is going to be. If you’re not going solo, one other person is ok, but any more than that starts to get complicated. If a group is your move, then plan on making a night out of it. Hit up Green Street for beers both before and after your meal. You’ll need a Sapporo with your ramen too, because the ramens at High Five are hot. Spicy hot. There are a few options that aren’t, but some sort of spice level is the way you want to go.

The good news is nobody will judge you when the sweat starts trickling down your forehead - you shouldn’t be eating with anyone else you know.

Food Rundown

Half Spice

It comes with excellent sliced pork belly, a perfectly poached egg, black garlic, scallions, and sprouts. Really good stuff with a solid but not overbearing amount of heat.

High Five Ramen

Same as above but pretty damn spicy.

High Five Ramen review image

No Spice

You get the drill. Hints of sweet miso in here too.

Special Ramen

A seafood-based ramen instead of meat. It has shrimp broth, blue prawns, shrimp dumpling, and garlic oil.

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