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You don’t need us to tell you that Gene & Georgetti is Chicago’s oldest steakhouse, originally opened in 1941. You don’t need us to tell you that it was started by two Italian guys who worked their way up from nothing. You don’t need us to tell you that it’s long been a favorite of politicians and celebrities. And you definitely don’t need us to tell you it’s still family owned after all these years, run by Gene’s daughter and her family. Well then, what else are we going to tell you?

Here at The Infatuation, we like to talk about something called The Feel Good Factor™. It’s the intangible quality that makes a restaurant great and keeps you coming back time and again. It’s also hard to explain. Much like UFO’s or Big Foot, The Feel Good Factor™ is something deep down you know exists, but don’t have the proof or right words to explain why. Gene & Georgetti has that factor.

It starts with the old school decor of the lively bar - which is always a good time and where regulars like to hang - plus two larger dining rooms full of large tables, big comfortable red chairs, and classic art on the walls. The food is all good, from the garbage salad, to the pastas, to the steaks and chops, and the portions are so huge that there’s always plenty to share. The service is professional and friendly - this is the kind of place where being a good server is more an art form than a college student’s weekend job.

The history of Gene & Georgetti helps make it great, but the history isn’t what ties it all together. It’s The Feel Good Factor™. It’s what makes you forgive them if your steak is cooked medium instead of the medium-rare you asked for, because despite the mistake, everything else feels so right.

That’s The Feel Good Factor™, and it’s a factor that will continue to bring us in the door at Gene & Georgetti.

Food Rundown

Italian Sausage With Peppers

A couple big ol’ pieces of sausage and sautéed peppers to go along with them. Imagine something you’d get at a baseball game, but there’s more of it and it’s served on a plate.

Garbage Salad

Shrimp, salami, olives, cheese, tomato - you name it, this salad has it. A great large salad to share as an appetizer.

Gene & Georgetti review image

Baked Clams

Similar to an Oysters Rockefeller situation. Clams baked with cheese and breadcrumbs. We’re big fans.

Bibb Lettuce Salad With Tuna

A little bit of lettuce and a little bit of seared tuna. A good light meal for yourself, or a good appetizer to share.

Gene & Georgetti review image

Penne a la Vodka

Simple, but good. A huge portion.

Gene & Georgetti review image

Steaks & Chops

The steaks and chops are the obvious star of the show. Unless you’re a regular who eats here all the time, you should get one, or at least split one with someone else. Any will work, so pick whichever cut of meat you like best.

Gene & Georgetti review image

Chicken Alla Joe

A heaping portion of chicken and veggies, and a Gene & Georgetti staple. We’re fans of this dish. Know that you’re most likely not going to be able to eat it alone.

Gene & Georgetti review image

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