The West Loop is packed with a lot of great restaurants—but Fora in the Emily Hotel isn’t one of them. The dimly-lit, sprawling interior full of couches and tables has a nice modern look, but it feels more like an eerie furniture showroom rather than a restaurant. And their small food menu doesn’t do much to add to the experience.

Raw fish dishes like kanpachi and hamachi suffer from bland or imbalanced dressings of aguachile rosa or yuzu kosho, while just-fine summer squash tetelas and bone marrow served with stiff blue corn tortillas will remind you that there are places in the city with way better Mexican food. The best things here are the cocktails, but unless your idea of a night out is drinking in what feels like an upgraded hotel lobby, you should take a stroll around the neighborhood and check out La Josie or Leña Brava instead.