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Da Lobsta


What’s something you really want? The power to turn back time? Soda in the drinking fountain? Tamagotchis to be cool again? For us, we really want to like Da Lobsta. But it’s not Halloween, we can’t just be pimps from Oakland or cowboys from Arizona. Some things aren't meant to be.

Try as we may to like Da Lobsta, it’s not good. And it pains us to say that for a number of reasons. Everything about it is so d*mn likeable, except for the food. Lobster rolls almost always sound delicious, and Da Lobsta always sounds like the perfect place to stop for a casual and quick bite. The staff is friendly, including an owner who is often around and helpful. And I once had a great conversation with the cashier over our mutual hatred of Brett Favre. It wasn’t one of those annoying sports conversations either - we really had something, a connection.

But no matter how hard we focus on these positives, it doesn’t make up for sh*tty lobster rolls. The lobster is rubbery, it's over-seasoned with too much mayo, and we've bitten into shells more than once - a crime that can't be forgiven.

Lobster rolls with a twist sound exciting, but they never actually are. Asian lobster roll? Nope. Mexican? Eh. Greek, Indian, Surf & Turf - on and on it goes. Nothing ever seems to work, which is why we are finally ready to let this dream world go.

Food Rundown

Traditional Lobster Roll

The bun is too buttery, lobster rubbery, and we've almost cracked our teeth on shells a few times.

Traditional Crab Roll

Decent. Nothing particularly memorable or bad. Maybe in a bind.

Traditional Shrimp Roll

Re: crab roll.

Asian Style

Lobster with soy mayo, asian slaw, Szechuan sauce, and scallions. The sauce is entirely too salty and overpowers the whole thing.

Surf & Turf

Traditional lobster roll with some apple smoked and maple glazed bacon. Feelings of the traditional lobster roll remain the same, and the soggy bacon makes things worse, not better.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

The lobster at least tasted better in the cheese, but even after a heavy pepper dousing it’s a little bland. For $10 it’s a large portion and not a bad deal, but a $4 box of Velveeta is still a better one.

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