Bunny The Micro Bakery

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Bunny The Micro Bakery is both an accurate and misleading name. From a size perspective, it correctly depicts the tiny Lakeview space that has a counter to order at and a handful of bench seats. But from a food perspective, the name sells Bunny short. And that’s why we would like to propose renaming this place “Bunny The Motherf*cking Micro Bakery” instead.

Why Bunny The Motherf*cking Micro Bakery? For starters, we like saying it. But second, and more importantly, because even though Bunny is a subdued counter cafe and bakery, it deserves to walk around with the type of University of Miami football swagger not seen since the days of “The U” or “Seventh Floor Crew.” For those unfamiliar with college football, we’re saying Bunny is a championship caliber spot that deserves to be cocky. But the people here couldn’t be nicer or more laid-back, which is why we’re going to give Bunny the high praise it deserves.

This bakery is the brainchild of Iliana Regan, who also happens to be the owner and chef at Elizabeth, a much more formal, tasting menu- only restaurant. Bunny is obviously very different, but it takes the fine dining food characteristics of Elizabeth and packs them into a simple bakery and cafe. Basics like donuts, egg sandwiches, and homemade toast are simple and excellent. But there’s also an outstanding burger, an unrivaled salmon poke on homemade toast, and fancy ricotta gnocchi with truffles for lunch because why not.

And then there’s the owl-shaped foie gras served over homemade jam and toast, which will be one of the most photographed dishes in the city (and it deserves to be). Perfect physical imagery aside, understanding this dish allows you to understand Bunny as a whole. It takes an item regularly associated with high-end fine dining - foie gras - and places it on the everyday cheap breakfast of toast and jam. It’s simple, sophisticated, and takes a particular kind of vision to create, just like Bunny.

That’s why Bunny The Micro Bakery is so good. Bunny The Motherf*cking Micro Bakery.

Food Rundown

Foie Gras Toast

An owl shaped piece of foie gras over jam and toast. The foie gras itself is silky smooth and not too rich to be off-putting. Take a picture if you want but then mess this owl up and spread it out evenly over the toast. This thing is awesome.

Granola & Yogurt

Not everything at Bunny is decadent and over the top. The yogurt with homemade granola and fruit preserves is healthy, light, and really good.

Grizzly Burger

Breakfast and brunch makes up the majority of the menu here, but the burger is no afterthought. The Grizzly Burger comes on a brioche bun with aioli, pickle, american cheese, shredded lettuce, and onion. It's a fancy diner burger.

Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits with a shitake mushroom gravy and two sunny side up eggs. Heavy on the mushroom flavor here so don't order unless you like them.

Seeded Rye & Ricotta

Homemade seeded rye toast with butter, olive oil, fruit vinegar, and herbs. It's a savory dish in which both the ricotta and olive oil really shine.

Salmon Poke

If you like fresh salmon poke you're going to really like it marinated in soy, cucumber, and with an egg yolk on on Bunny's homemade sourdough toast infused with a hint of seaweed to it.

Egg Sandwich

Soft scrambled eggs and aged cheddar cheese on a gougère, which is a french style savory pastry. The perfect sandwich to grab solo and take on the go.

Baked Goods

Donuts. Cookies. Bread. Doesn't matter. Anything available is worth trying.

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