Brasserie by C & C

Brasserie by C&C’s menu reads a little bit like a potluck—tacos, pasta, croquettes, and pork belly crispy rice. But unlike your last office potluck, the food at this upscale Edgewater spot is actually good. The French onion soup is rich and cheesy without being too salty, the short rib pappardelle has al dente pasta, and the foie gras croquettes have a fantastic chicharron crust. 

The space is also a hodge-podge mix of artwork and design, but that ends up being a bit less charming than the eclectic menu. One wall is full of mirrors, another has a tangram-esque mural of a chicken, and there are golden bars dividing the dining space, making it feel like you’re trapped in a bird cage (especially when the staff hands off drinks through them). But there aren’t too many upscale places in the area, so it’s great if you want to break the Ubereats streak and aren’t too bothered by the quirky atmosphere.

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