Bop N Grill in Lakeview is a counter-service spot that does two things—burgers and bibimbap—and does them both very well. But we come here primarily for their burgers, which are just the right kind of hard to eat (i.e. sloppy but still manageable). Also make sure to get their fries topped with caramelized kimchi and cheese, which somehow manage to stay crispy the whole time you’re eating them.

Food Rundown

Philly Bulkogi Eggrolls

A fusion philly cheesesteak in eggroll form. Safe to say they’re good. Unfortunately, only available on the weekends, or fortunately depending how you want to look at it.

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Kimchi Fries

They look ridiculous and we’re pretty much all in on these fries. The fries themselves are very thick and potato’y, which we think makes sense. The cheese sauce is delicious, and topping it all off with caramelized kimchi is surprisingly good. The bacon bits are also good, no surprises there.

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Bulkogi Bop Plate

Marinated Korean BBQ sliced ribeye over rice with a side of coleslaw and kimchi. The meat has a slight sweetness to it that makes it addicting. Make sure to mix the coleslaw and kimchi in with the rice and steak to make it complete.

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BBQ Chicken Bop Plate

Don’t worry if red meat isn’t your thing, because the Korean BBQ chicken is equally as good as the ribeye. Same thing applies here in that you should mix the chicken, rice, coleslaw, and kimchi all together.

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Bi Bim Bop

BopNgrill isn’t exactly meant for healthy eaters, but the bi bim bop is a solid way to go if you want to keep yourself in check. It’s an assortment of vegetables with a sweet & spicy Korean chili sauce and a fried egg over the top. A good mix of fresh veggies are rounded out nicely by the sauce.

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Umami Burger

The umami burger is ridiculous and decadent, that’s for sure. Burger topped with a truffle mushroom mix, sun-dried tomato’s, togarashi mayo, bacon, and smoked gouda. It’s interesting and worth trying, but we wouldn’t eat it on the regular.

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bNg Burger

Now this burger we would eat on the regular. An excellent patty topped with fried egg, 1000 island, jalapeños, sharp cheddar, bacon, and caramelized onions. We suggest getting the 1000 island on the side and adding as you please.

Build Your Own Burger

Since the actual meat patties and buns are good, get whatever you want on the burger front. Make your own if you’re not into the crazy concoctions and feel free to make it as plain as you want.

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