Thankfully, it’s much easier to find a vegan cake around town now than it was a few years ago - even ones made of vegan ice cream. You can customize your very own cake, or you can order a dozen vegan chocolate chip cookies if you're looking for something simpler. Our recommendation? Their ginger-rum ice cream sandwich consists of a unique, tropical homemade ice cream between two chewy oatmeal cookies, which somehow channels both grandma's house and the beach. The light rum flavor from the ice cream is the closest you can get to vacation via cookie, so it checks all our boxes. The only catch is that Bartleby's is pre-order only, and their items come in multiples, making them ideal for sharing (or not).

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11 Great Chicago Bakeries With Vegan Options guide image
11 Great Chicago Bakeries With Vegan Options

You’ll find great pastries, cakes, pies, and cookies at these spots, all of which are egg and dairy-free.