Band of Bohemia

Perfect For: Adventurous Eating Big Groups Date Night Unique Dining Experience

Band of Bohemia

Perfect For: Adventurous Eating Big Groups Date Night Unique Dining Experience
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Band of Bohemia is a project from a couple of Alinea vets that’s supposed to blur the lines between cooking and beer brewing, and their Alinea roots show. They make food to pair with beer, and not the other way around. Sound confusing? We ate there, and we’re still confused. More or less, that’s our issue.

It’s branded as a “culinary brewhouse” with a “gypsy spirit,” which just means they make strange sounding beer with food as a supporting role. They converted a sprawling industrial space into a dining area and microbrewery, which appears to have been decorated by a band of kooky gypsies and a Hungarian grandmother - not the good kind of weird, just the weird kind of weird.

Grilled apple tarragon beer or roasted beet thyme ale are guaranteed to make you say “interesting!” But calling their menu a complement to the beer selection is sensory overload. Complex gastronomy works when it’s executed flawlessly, but unfortunately, this is overcomplicated.

There’s a lot going on in all of the main dishes, like the jerk duck breast with mango purée, tamarind jus, marinated jicama, and sesame oil. The puree and exotic green garnish game is strong, but the components aren’t cohesive and leave our taste buds exhausted. And ultimately, charred meat is just charred meat. If they’re going for the cooked-over-an-open-fire-pit feel, we would give Band of Bohemia an authenticity score of 10. But for a bill this pricey, we expect more flavor from our proteins.

Talented and creative? Certainly. But Band of Bohemia is taking themselves super seriously, and simply put, they’d be better off doing a little less.

Food Rundown

Bison Tartare

If this had simply been bison tartare, it would’ve been our favorite dish. But the too-strong herb puree and lack of a crunchy element left us feeling like we ate something slimy.


Served with mushrooms and a poached egg. Not bad.


Smoked walnut, taleggio cheese, leek, brown butter, and truffle. A too-long list of ingredients that work perfectly together. We’re getting warmer.

Crispy Duck

This is a dish you’d expect to come out of this kitchen. Crispy skin, moist duck breast, perfect ginger jus. No complaints.

Petite Chicken

We've had it overcooked with an overpowering charred flavor. The brussels sprouts with it aren't bad, but the collard greens aren't good.


Comes in a large and a small size. Not terrible, but again the charred flavor is overpowering. Go to a steakhouse if you want a good steak.

Seasonal Beers

They’re known for brewing interesting flavor combinations like persimmon biscuit, grilled apple tarragon, and guava pink peppercorn. A full glass is a big commitment in case you don't like something, but you can also get $3 and $4 tasting glasses of whatever is currently on tap. Definitely try a few.

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