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Angry Crab

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The Angry Crab brings the simple concept of a Louisiana crawfish boil to the Midwest, including the part where you can bring your own beer. And the food at here exceptionally good.

The way it works is you order different types of shellfish that come all together by the pound, plus pick a sauce style and spice level. Pretty simple really, even if there are a large number of combinations in play. Once your order is in, lace up the bib and wait for the good stuff to come.

The seafood comes out swimming in a sauce-filled plastic bag that gets dumped on your table. It’s going to be messy, you’re going to get dirty, and feel free to toss the shells around the table as they are emptied. Nobody will even notice, because everyone’s table will look like they just went to war with their food. And ultimately, it’s the sauces that makes The Angry Crab so good, because when you immerse shellfish in buttery, garlicky, spicy goodness, all is forgotten and nothing is lost.

Food Rundown


You have a number of options: snow crab, blue crab, Dungeness crab, king crab, soft shell crab when in season, lobster, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, and clams. That should cover it. Considering this is a Louisiana style crab boil, crawfish are a must. After that, the shrimp and then mussels are surprisingly our other favorites. King crab legs are a good option too. There’s no wrong order.

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Insane = lemon pepper seasoning. Grumpy = garlic butter Smoking = angry spice seasoning. Don’t bother reading into the different types. Order your seafood maniac style every time, which is a blend of all three.

Angry Crab review image


There are four levels of spice, and if can't make a decision, one of the two middle spices are where you’ll want to be.

Angry Crab review image

Extra Dirty Add On’s

Angry Crab charges you a bit more for pieces of corn, potato, and andouille sausage, which run from 50-75 cents a piece. The sausage has a good bite to it and is really good, so we suggest ordering at least one piece per two people. Get the corn and potatoes if you’d like, but it’s not a big deal either way.

Cajun Fries

Get these fries if you want something to keep you occupied before the shellfish bag comes. The seasoning is a bit addicting, so try not to down them all too quickly.

Angry Crab review image

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