Agami Contemporary Sushi

Agami in Uptown has a large, dark-colored space that feels like an interior designer’s sushi restaurant/cocktail lounge fever dream. The dining area is filled with a clear wine bottle wall, a mural reminiscent of Starry Night, a glowing alien-like tree sculpture, and a giant heart photo op that looks like it was stolen from Northside Prep’s Valentine’s Day dance.

Once you get over the chaotic atmosphere, Agami works as an OK spot to grab some sushi if you’re in the area with a large group. Stick with nigiri or maki made with salmon or tuna as they tend to taste better than options like the scallop or octopus. And if you like loaded rolls, the Tuna Gone Wild with four types of tuna has a fragrant and sweet honey wasabi sauce that nicely complements the fish.