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Where To Get A Full Meal After 10pm

It’s kind of late and you want to go out to dinner. Here’s where you can do that.

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There are plenty of reasons you might end up needing to eat dinner out after 10pm. Maybe your flight got into O’Hare late, and you can’t wait until tomorrow to eat something that wasn’t warmed up in an airplane kitchen. Maybe you’ve spent the last few hours trapped at a party with terrible food, and now that you’re out, you need a burger ASAP. Whatever the case, it’s kind of late, and you want a full meal. By which we mean a sit-down dinner with table service and maybe some drinks. (Cocktail garnishes, however creative, do not count as dinner.) Here’s our guide to all of your best bets.

the spots

Christina Slaton

Parson's Chicken & Fish

$$$$ 2952 W Armitage Ave

Open until 12am

The 7pm dinner you had planned with your flakiest friend keeps being pushed back. First, they forgot. Then they couldn’t find their keys. And once they finally got on a train, it ran express to Howard. While the restaurant you originally planned on is now closed, at least Parson’s in Logan Square is open until midnight every night. This place has great fried chicken, drinks like negroni slushies, and is affordable enough for you to cover the bill just in case they accidentally left their wallet at home.

Christina Slaton

Pequod's Pizzeria

$$$$ 2207 N. Clybourn Ave.

Open until 2am Monday-Saturday and 12am on Sunday

Pequod’s has the best deep dish in the city and is a fun spot to hit with a group after a night out. You probably won’t need to wait very long for a table, but just in case you do, their bar next door is used as a holding pen. Plus, you can use the extra time to present your case for finally trying the black olive and meatball pizza instead of pepperoni.

Sandy Noto

Little Bad Wolf

$$$$ 1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave

Open until 2am Monday-Friday, 3am on Saturday, and 12am on Sunday

You broke your “no coffee after five rule,” and now you’re wide awake at 12am, reading Millard Fillmore’s Wikipedia page. You’re restless, hungry, and considering a second dinner. Go to Little Bad Wolf in Andersonville, which has one of the best burgers in the city. They also have a long beer list, which you can take advantage of to try to come down from your caffeine high.

Christina Slaton


American  in  Pilsen
$$$$ 1227 W 18th St

Serving their full menu until 11pm and a late-night menu until 1am

Halfway through a show at Thalia Hall in Pilsen, you’re getting unreasonably angry about the stage lights blinding you every thirty seconds. It’s probably because you’re hungry, but don’t worry - your post-show dinner plans are literally built-in. Dusek’s is a restaurant attached to the venue and has a great late-night menu. It’s more limited but still has the important things, like their fantastic sourdough pretzel and an excellent double cheeseburger.

Sandy Noto

La Josie

MexicanTacos  in  West Loop
$$$$ 740 W Randolph St

Open until 11pm Tuesday-Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday

La Josie is in the heart of the West Loop, has three full bars and a roof deck, and tends to get pretty crowded. So it’s no surprise that this place stays open late. It also happens to serve great Mexican food - even if you’re not looking for a wild night out, it’s worth coming just for the tacos and enchiladas. Get a drink or two from the extensive cocktail menu, and enjoy the fact that no matter how rowdy the space gets, the servers and bartenders stay very friendly.


$$$$ 626 N State St

Kitchen open until 1am Monday-Saturday and 12am on Sundays; pizza available until 2am on Saturdays

That scavenger hunt your friends forced you to do took forever to finish. Who knew that trying to find a Jay Cutler jersey would be so hard? Now it’s 11:30pm, everyone’s starving, and you want to go someplace kind of nice but still affordable. Quartino is reliably good, and its tapas-style Italian menu is reasonably priced and perfect for sharing. The space is also so big that you probably won’t have to wait for a table.

RPM Italian

$$$$ 52 W Illinois St

Open until 11pm Sunday-Thursday and 12am Friday and Saturday

What time do you think celebrities are eating dinner? According to Us Weekly, definitely much later than the rest of us. So if you want to pretend you’re famous, hit up RPM Italian around 10 - it’s perfect if you need a “hot spot” but also actually want to eat a good meal. They do upscale modern Italian food in a sleekly designed space full of black tables and large white leather booths. Whatever else you get, make sure to order at least one of the housemade pastas.

RPM Steak

$$$$ 66 W Kinzie St

Open until 12am

Nothing says “going out to dinner in Chicago” like a steakhouse, and RPM Steak is one of our favorites in a city that has about 18 per block - so that’s saying something. It feels similar to RPM Italian (unsurprisingly, since it’s from the same folks), with a trendy space and excellent, expensive food. There’s a whole section of wagyu and kobe on the menu if you’re going all out, but if you’re not, you’ll find good options among the shareable small plates and seafood dishes. This place is equally good to hit up on your own or with a big group. And the later you eat here, the more likely you’ll be to see a former Disney star get whisked away to the private dining section after his or her United Center concert.

Au Cheval

$$$$ 800 W Randolph St

Open until 1am Monday-Saturday and 12am on Sunday

Au Cheval is often the first stop for people returning to Chicago after having moved away. This is primarily because of its burger - pretty much the best one on the planet, with two patties and cheese on a buttery bun - but there are plenty of non-burger items worthy of your attention here as well. Like the bone marrow, or the pork porterhouse. The space is dark and pretty small, with a long counter and limited tables, and at prime times, you’ll usually have about a two-hour wait (they don’t take reservations). Luckily for everyone, Au Cheval is open until 1am, and your wait is going to be much less intimidating after ten.

Bavette's Bar and Boeuf

$$$$ 218 W. Kinzie St.

Open until 11pm Monday-Thursday and 12am Friday and Saturday

Bavette’s is a steakhouse that feels like a speakeasy. Expect big leather booths, jazz music, and enough darkness that you might need your phone to read the menu. Their steak is some of the best in Chicago, but the excellent non-steak items on the menu - from shellfish towers to the short rib stroganoff and a double bone pork chop - make this place a real standout. If you’re eating here late because you can’t sleep, count on wanting a nice long nap immediately after your meal.

Girl & the Goat

$$$$ 809 W Randolph St

Open until 11pm Sunday-Thursday and 12am Friday and Saturday

If you don’t live in Chicago, this spot belongs on your “I’m only in town for a few days” hit list. If you do live here, it’s still worth your time. It’s one of the city’s best-known restaurants, it really does have great food, and if you plan to eat here between 5pm and 10pm, you’ll need to make a reservation three months out. If you don’t mind eating later, though, you’ll have a much easier time getting a table. The eclectic small plates menu has dishes like goat empanadas and duck tongues, and if you’re by yourself, you can get the full menu at the bar - where you won’t need a reservation at all.

Bar Siena

$$$$ 832 W. Randolph St.

Open until 2am

The party trolley driver did your bachelorette party group a “favor” and extended the rental time. Now you’ve been trapped on it for six straight hours listening to “Hollaback Girl.” Most people are really drunk, some people just want some decent food, and everyone needs to pee. Bar Siena is the spot - the space is loud and buzzy, with a huge bar dominating the first floor and a larger dining area upstairs. Pastas and wood-fired pizzas make up most of the menu, and they’re all great. The gnocchi is pillowy and delicious, and the prosciutto and fig pizza has a great balance of sweet and savory. Your hungry friends can eat, your drunk friends will blend in perfectly, and you (probably) won’t hear “Hollaback Girl” again. Win-win-win.


JapaneseFusionSushi  in  River North
$$$$ 110 W Illinois St

Open until 11pm Sunday-Wednesday and 12am Thursday-Saturday

Sunda is a sceney Asian fusion spot in River North ideal for multiple late-night dining situations. It’s perfect if you’re traveling by yourself and arriving in the city late. Come here for sushi, and entertain yourself at the bar by watching the chef work. It’s also perfect for a group outing, if you share some over-the-top signature rolls (like one with lobster and ghost pepper) plus some other dishes like the duck bao and oxtail potstickers. Just keep in mind that this place is generally full of pretty-people, so you might want to change out of your sweatpants.

Siena Tavern

$$$$ 51 W Kinzie St

Serving a late night menu until 11pm Sunday-Wednesday, 12am Thursday, 1am Friday, and 2am Saturday

There’s nothing quite like a bowlful of carbs (or a plateful of pizza) when you’re really hungry, and if you’re not eating dinner until 11pm because the dog groomer took forever with your Pomeranian, that’s probably the case. On the surface, Siena Tavern has all the traits of a typical River North spot: it’s trendy, always crowded, and it has giant booths. But despite all this, it’s actually a really good Italian restaurant. You can order the pizzas here half and half (our favorite combo is the prosciutto and pear with the pepperoni), and you can’t go wrong with an order of the gnocchi, or the squid ink linguine with lobster. It’s the kind of food you’ll be glad you waited all night to eat.


$$$$ 615 W Randolph St

Open until 12am Sunday-Thursday and 1am Friday and Saturday

We’ll happily eat here any time of the day or night. But during “normal” hours, getting a table can be a gamble - the small space gets crowded quickly. As with other popular places in this guide, the later you come, the better your chances of getting a seat will be. This spot is usually full of cool people (who probably just got done working their late night cool-people jobs), and the food is always phenomenal. Don’t pass up the opportunity to order the taleggio flatbread - get it with a side of honey - and/or the chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates. The ample bar seating and small plates also make it a fantastic option for a solo dinner.

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