Where To Eat Near The 606 Bloomingdale Trail

All of the best places to eat along the 606 trail.
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The 606, also knowing as Bloomingdale Trail, is officially a thing that you should enjoy in Chicago. The old railway has been turned into a walking trail with various other small parks built into it, and it makes for a great summer activity. It also cuts through neighborhoods with great restaurants.

Whether you're looking to sit down for a while before or after a walk, or grab something quick on the go, there are plenty of good food options along the trail. The key is to know where to find them, annd that's where we come in. Below are 18 spots we would stop at near the 606, broken down by access points up and down from the trail so you can easily get there. Now get outside and enjoy urban nature.

Walsh Park Access Point


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Jane's is like eating in your friends house - a friend that actually wanted you to stay over and eat. Weekend brunch is a favorite time to go, which makes it the ideal stop for a bite just before or after a morning on the 606.

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You’re either hopping on or off the 606 at its eastern most entrance and you need food. Choppers isn’t winning any Michelin stars any time soon, but it's solid for for a cheap burger and fries. The shakes are also good so you're probably going to want one of those.

Wood Access Point

Head a few blocks south to North Ave where you have some easy eats. Lilie’s Q is a casual barbecue spot with all of the Southern favorites, and our suggestion is to save it for after a long walk. Ever try to move after you eat BBQ? It's physically and mentally impossible.

A true wildcard and something you might not even know exists. LQ is a separate window within Lillie's Q that specifically serves fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches. Put all of the honey on the fried chicken.

Churchill Field Access Point



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Arguably the easiest and best lunch stop along the 606. En Hakkore is a casual Korean spot with a few different options. If you want to go healthy, get the sashimi-bap, which is sashimi over a salad. If you want to go medium-healthy, get the bibimbap. And if you don't care about any of this health nonsense, get the paratha tacos because they are delicious.

Park 567 Access Point

You’re outside. You’re walking. You’re enjoying nature. F*ck ya! Nature! You deserve to eat a delicious cheeseburger, courtesy of nature. Stop at Small Cheval and do exactly that.

An A+ patio situation with Costa Rican food. Sitting at Irazu will make you forget all of your cares in the world, which makes it a great place to hang. This is a great sit down move, especially if it's the weekend and you're not in a hurry to do anything else.

Western Access Point

A playful and casual spot that mixes Korean and Puerto Rican flavors. Try things like a Belly Dog with egg noodles and pickled green papaya, or a fried plantain sandwich with Korean BBQ beef. Everything here is a funky combination of flavors that doesn't make much sense but manages to work.

It's a beautiful day for a walk and that's why you're on one. Then you decide it's a beautiful day to eat vegetarian food or maybe a little fish. Head to handlebar and eat some delicious fried avocado or fish tacos and hang on their patio out back. You're a beautiful person inside and out and you deserve these beautiful things.

Rockwell Access Point

photo credit: Christina Slaton



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You're already having a solid day if you're in the middle of a casual stroll on the 606. But make that day better with some food at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. Unless you're walking in the rain, it should be the perfect weather to sit outside and have a Cubano sandwich or any other classic Cuban dish.

California Access Point

Bang Bang is maybe a little out of the way from the 606, but it's 100% worth walking the couple extra blocks to get there. We love Bang Bang - there's really no other way to put it. Great biscuit sandwiches, great pie, and a great back patio all make for an excellent time.

Humboldt Access Point

You’re going to end up waiting for a table but if you’re done with the whole trail thing then yup, it’s time for Parson’s. Walking is fun and all but negroni slushies and fried chicken in the outdoors are better.

Humboldt Haus Sandwich Bar


Parks and sandwiches go together like the 4th of July and firework warnings. That's to say a simple and quality sandwich is one of the most satisfying things you can eat after going on a walk outside. Head to Humboldt Haus for a classic Italian or roast beef sandwich to put a cap on your already excellent day.

Julia De Bergos Park Access Point

It's Saturday afternoon. A walk seemed like a good idea. Now it's hot as hell and all you want to do is be inside. Hop off the 606 in Logan Square and head north on Kedzie to Scofflaw. A delicious cocktail and some quality pub food will make you feel good about the fact you got outside, even if only for a bit.

You don't want a full meal as much as you want a snack. The good news is Roeser's has been serving fresh baked goods for over 100 years, so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about snacking. Grab some cookies and be on your way.

Spalding Access Point

Authentic Puerto Rican food in a no frills space. Get a jibarito - a sandwich made with fried plantains as bread - and keep it moving. Maybe walk a little further than you had initially planned.

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