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The Andersonville Guide

PHOTO: Christina Slaton

How much time do you spend in Andersonville? The answer is probably not enough. And if you live in or nearby Andersonville, we encourage you to tell everyone else about the awesome restaurants around you. There’s great southern comfort food, a hot dog joint from two former Hot Doug’s employees, and date night spots that will help you get…to know someone.

Here’s our guide to eating in Andersonville.

The Spots


M. Henry

5707 N Clark St

This cozy neighborhood spot has everything from bacon wrapped baked eggs with polenta to a roasted asparagus and prosciutto benedict. Open for breakfast and brunch seven days a week, M. Henry is always a strong move while it’s light outside.


Tanoshii Mike's Sushi

5547 N Clark St

Before Sushi Mike opened the new fancy digs in the West Loop, there was the original Andersonville location. Quality sushi in a laid-back environment, which is one of the most important things you need in your life. Not cheap sushi, not stupid expensive sushi, but sushi that is good and reasonably priced. That’s Tanoshii.



1475 W Balmoral Ave

It’s impossible to have a bad Date Night at Vincent. Literally impossible. If a date goes bad here then you need to reevaluate yourself or the person you took out, because Vincent is a slam dunk. Go for dinner, bring your own nice bottle of wine, and share some small plates and mussels.

Photo: Christina Slaton

First Slice Pie Café

5357 N Ashland Ave

A welcoming little cafe serving all kinds of interesting soups, salads, and sandwiches. And pie, of course, because with a name like First Slice Pie Cafe there better be pie. Get pie to go along with your savory lunch, or pop in only for the pie.


The Brixton

5420 N Clark St

The kind of place you wish was around the corner from you. The first floor dining area has a great selection of drinks, bar snacks, and even interesting and tasty entrees. While upstairs, there’s a fireplace and a pool table to hang out and lounge.



5316 N Clark St

Home-style Italian cooking in a space that could double as your great aunt Ethel’s house. We mean that in a nice way too, because aunt Ethel can cook. Go heavy on the pastas.

Photo: Facebook/Anteprima

Bongo Room

5022 N Clark St

The Bongo Room has locations all over town these days, and Andersonville is one of those spots. Chocolate tower french toast and caramel pretzel pancakes anyone? Ok, fine, you convinced us.


Big Jones

5347 N. Clark St.

Big Jones is serving big Southern flavors, and that’s always something we can get behind. We can also always get behind fried chicken, something Big Jones is rather good at making. They’re also good at brunch, which includes beignets, so it’s basically like having New Orleans in your backward but with more snow and less hurricanes.


Jin Ju

5203 N Clark St

Looking to get handsy over Asian food? Jin Ju is the spot. While the food is rooted in traditional Korean, the atmosphere is a very modern space. It’s a sleek, dimly lit space with mostly candlelight. Make sure to get a sojutini, which is a martini made with soju, the go-to alcohol in South Korea.



5148 N Clark St

We’re not entirely sure what the term “gastropub” means these days, but for us, Hopleaf embodies that term. It’s a bar with an exceptional beer selection and a food menu that goes above and beyond typical bar food. The cashew butter and fig jam takes a childhood favorite PB&J to the next level, and you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.


Little Bad Wolf

1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave

Little Bad Wolf is oh so good. This is the kind of place you wander into for a few drinks in a spur of the moment situation and end up pleasantly surprised with the food. Treat it as a place you want to go to when both eats and drinks are in the cards.


Pearl's Southern Comfort

5352 N Broadway St

Cajun and Creole cuisine? Oh h*ll yes. Any time a roux is involved in cooking you know the end result will be good, and that holds true with the smoked chicken gumbo and Louisiana jambalaya at Pearl’s. We’d eat at Pearl’s at least once a week if we didn’t think it would take so many days off our lives.



5009 N Clark St

If you’re still in mourning over the loss of Hot Doug’s (RIP), then you need to hit Hot “G” Dog immediately. Two former line cooks at Hot Doug’s started Hot “G” Dog to carry on the legacy, with Doug’s blessing of course. It’s not the same, because Hot Doug’s can’t be replicated, but it’s still good. And there’s nowhere else you can get kangaroo hot dogs on the regular.

Photo: Facebook/Hot "G" Dog

Takos Koreanos

1706 W Foster Ave

Fried rice with tacos? Guacamole topped with kimchi? Quesadillas with grilled short rib! That’s the kind of Mexican-Korean fusion you’re getting at taKOs KOreanos, a fusion that works.


George's Ice Cream & Sweets

5306 N Clark St

Wherever you eat in Andersonville, no meal is complete without a stop at George’s Ice Cream. Even if you ordered dessert at whatever nearby restaurant you ate at, stop at George’s for ice cream to follow up your dessert.

Photo: Ashley Huthinson

Taste of Lebanon

1509 W Foster Ave

Taste of Lebanon is either a Lebanese restaurant in Andersonville or an all-inclusive trip that flies you to Lebanon so you can lick the ground and immediately fly right back. Stick to the classics like hummus, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, schwarma, and kefta if you think it’s the former of the two.

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