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The Best Ravenswood Restaurants

If you’re like us, you always think of Ravenswood as that cute neighborhood we’ll one day buy a house in when we can afford it. It’s the best way to stay in the city in a semi-affordable way and even have a backyard. But Ravenswood also has great food. In fact, Ravenswood has some of our favorite restaurants, and that’s not even considering Lincoln Square proper, which we’ll save for its own guide.

These are the best restaurants in Ravenswood.

the spots

Spacca Napoli

1769 W Sunnyside Ave

If you’re new to The Infatuation Chicago, then we’ll tell you that Spacca Napoli is our favorite pizza in town. We can’t get enough of the thin curst, Neapolitan-style pies. If you’ve heard us say this many times before, we don’t apologize for saying it again. You can never have too much good pizza.


You might know Glenn’s as “that cereal place where you can get a bowl of Apple Jacks and a cold bowl of milk.” But Glenn’s is so much more than that. It’s a great casual seafood restaurant (get their crab legs) that also has a lot of good typical diner items, like spaghetti and meatballs. If all of this sounds weird to you - welcome to Glenn’s.

Aroy Thai

4656 N. Damen Ave.

A lot of people claim to have the best neighborhood Thai spot. But most of the time that’s just because people are lazy and only eat at the closest Thai restaurant to their apartment. But if Aroy Thai is that spot for you, then you’re in luck. It’s actually really good, and it’s one of the few casual Thai places worth dining-in at.


Lincoln Square
4539 N Lincoln Ave

Gather is a very useful American bistro. You can go for dinner for any occasion, whether with your friends, on a date, or even with your parents. Brunch is great too, and you would be smart to start with a sticky bun. If it’s nice out, sit in their courtyard out back.


2656 W. Lawrence Ave.

Goosefoot is as much an art exhibit as it is a restaurant. That’s because the multi-course tasting menu is both beautiful and tastes great, which you should expect at a meal that costs around $220 per person. The price may be steep, but the food is really good if you like an experience, and at least it’s BYOB.

Photo: Facebook/Goosefoot

Bistro Campagne

4518 N Lincoln Ave

Bistro Campange is a classic French bistro. If you’re looking for a cute, kind of romantic place to indulge in French wine and food, then this is the spot. The patio is beautiful, and the classic French dishes are always good. Order the escargot.


If you’re in the mood for Korean BBQ, the answer is for sure Cho Sun OK. The food is great, but Cho Sun OK is also an excellent place to hang. Everything about it feels right, and it’s exactly the local neighborhood experience you want for a Korean BBQ meal. It’s also BYOB, so that’ll feel right too.

Photo: Facebook/Cho Sun OK

The Bad Apple

4300 N Lincoln Ave

Looking for a local spot to grab a burger and a beer? If your locale is Ravenswood, then the answer is The Bad Apple. You could keep things simple with their regular Bad Apple Burger, but try something more bad*ss like a Chupacabra with goat chile or a Grizzly Adams topped with braised short rib and jalapeño. No matter what, there’s an excellent selection of beer on tap to wash it all down.

Photo: Facebook/The Bad Apple

Taqueria El Asadero

2213 W. Montrose Ave.

The tiny neighborhood spot for tacos and burritos. Simple as that. Try the al pastor taco and don’t miss out on the fresh, crispy chips.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

4947 N Damen Ave

Good news - Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits opened up a second location in Ravenswood. Great news - the food is the same. This location is bigger and has more of a coffee shop feel than the original, minus the great outdoor area. The more Bang Bangs in the city, the better.


Here’s a little backstory: the owners of Baker Miller used to be part-owners of Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, until they left to start their own spot. The new Bang Bang is awfully close to Baker Miller, and both places do the same style of food. We’re hoping competition brings out the absolute best in both, because we’re going to be the real winners all the delicious biscuits, pie, and other baked goods.


1970 W Montrose Ave

The food at Fountainhead won’t overly impress you, but the casual rooftop and beer list will. Those two things alone makes Fountainhead worth knowing in this area, and you can at least get some solid wings or a burger.

Photo: Facebook/Fountainhead

Budacki's Drive-In

4739 N Damen Ave

Every neighborhood has their favorite hot dog stand, and Budacki’s is that spot in Ravenswood. With so many great hot dog stands in Chicago you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to eat here, but you know the drill if you’re nearby and need something quick.


We love Luella’s because it feels like Southern cooking in a friends house. And that makes sense, because the small operation is a family affair. The service is nice and casual, but they aren’t afraid to give you some sass in the way friends talk to one another. It’s what makes Luella’s as a whole great, that along with the fried chicken and brisket mac & cheese.

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