Where To Get Indian Takeout And Delivery In Chicago

20 places that you can get Indian food for delivery or carryout.

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As you consider making banana bread for the second time today, it’s important to know that there are still plenty of restaurants around the city doing takeout and delivery. If you’re looking for Indian food in particular, here’s where to start.

The Spots

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The Spice Room

We can tell you with confidence that it’s impossible to order incorrectly from The Spice Room - everything is delicious. Plus, they always pack everything carefully and make sure you have enough rice to go with all the curries you’ve ordered. Get the malai kofta, tikka masala, and both the garlic and kashmiri naan - which they’ll put in separate wrappers, so you don’t have garlic leaking into everything.



The people who own the Spice Room used to work at Rangoli, so the menu is almost identical though the food isn’t quite as spicy. But either of the Rangoli locations (in Wicker or Lincoln Park) is a good alternative if you’re either out of The Spice Room’s delivery range and/or it’s a Tuesday (when The Spice Room is closed).

Vajra is an Indian and Nepali restaurant with fantastic food, and they’re still open for delivery and takeout. You’ll find creative small plates like a samosa chaat topped with pomegranate seeds, along with very good curries like the sweet and spicy madras and the cashew tikka masala. Get some beer, wine, or a cocktail kit to-go too.

Chiya Chai


You can get Chiya Chai’s entire short-but-delicious food menu delivered - from momos to pork vindaloo to savory pies that have a perfectly flaky crust. And normally, you’d be waiting impatiently for 20 minutes for one of the housemade pies to bake, but since it’s carryout and delivery, you won’t notice. Even if it did help build character.



This Indian street food spot specializes in - you guessed it - eggs. This means the menu is full of dishes like hard-boiled eggs with chana masala, egg bhurji, and roti filled with masali eggs and cheese. They’re open all-day and available for pickup and/or delivery.

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Luzzat, a small spot underneath the Jarvis Red Line, focuses on food from Northern India. So, this place doesn’t have naan on the menu - we repeat, doesn’t have naan. But it does have other breads, like their excellent housemade paratha and phulka with ghee. It also has our favorite bhindi masala in the city, and some of the flakiest samosas we’ve ever eaten. Available for takeout and delivery.

Ghareeb Nawaz


Ghareeb Nawaz used to be known as a late-night spot (they were open until 4am), perfect for grabbing food after a night out. Now they’re only open till 8pm, offering takeout and delivery. That said, it can still be perfectly good drunk food, you just need to start drinking a little earlier these days. But, we all need to adapt.



This has been one of our favorite vegetarian Indian spots for a long time, so we’re glad they’re staying open, and offering takeout and delivery. Get the baingan bartha, paneer makhani, and the chili naan.

Cumin is a combination Nepali-Indian spot with fantastic food. The menu is long, with everything from goat stew and samosas to chicken tikka masala and vegetarian staples like chana masala. Order for curbside pickup, or delivery.

JK Kabob House


It probably won’t surprise you to find out that ordering kebabs at JK Kebab House is a good idea. But while you’re at it, get an order of frontier or chili chicken. Or better yet, one of the combination meals that comes with a kebab, chicken dish, rice, salad, and bread. Available for carryout and delivery.

India House Restaurant



open table

India House is a River North spot famous for its lunch and dinner buffet. Now we have to order a bunch of entrees to make our own mini buffets on our kitchen counter, but at least you get 25% off if you call the restaurant directly at 312-645-9500 to order.

Indian Garden Restaurant

$$$$(312) 280-4910

This Streeterville restaurant is another spot that’s well known for its large buffet. But thankfully, the food at Indian Garden travels well. They have a few standout dishes - like tandoori lobster, jalfrezi, and the kashmiri aloo (potatoes with cashews, raisins, and paneer). Do a Zoom at-home buffet wars with your friends.

Oberoi's Indian Food


This Streeterville restaurant is another spot that’s well known for its large buffet. But thankfully, the food at Indian Garden travels well. They have a few standout dishes - like tandoori lobster, jalfrezi, and the kashmiri aloo (potatoes with cashews, raisins, and paneer). Do a Zoom at-home buffet wars with your friends.

Pub Royale does Indian-inspired pub food, and there’s a lot to like here. You can order dishes like curries or gobi manchurian, or opt for the Royale with cheese - one of the best burgers in the city. Available for curbside pickup and delivery.

Hema's Kitchen


Hema’s Kitchen used to have two locations, but now only has one in Roger’s Park - which is currently offering takeout. The menu is long, but everything is consistent, with dishes like bhindi masala, chicken vindaloo, samosas, and a whole bunch of naans.

Mysore Woodlands


We’re big fans of Mysore, so we’re really glad that they’re open right now for carryout and delivery. What makes this place special is its dosi, which takes up a lot of the menu. You’ll find plain, ones filled with potatoes and onions or chutney with cheese, and varieties made with lentil flour instead of rice. Get an order of puffy bhatura topped with spicy chickpeas while you’re at it.

Annapurna Simply Vegetarian


As the name suggests, this Indian restaurant focuses on vegetarian food. You’ll find a long menu full of chaats, chutneys, and entrees like chana masala and malai kofta. They also have a selection of pre-made snacks available for delivery and takeout, too.

Indian Clay Pot


This North Center spot has a lot of vegan options (like a spicy chana masala), along with a very good lamb biryani. And if you need comfort food (along with everyone else on the planet right now), the kofta makhani will do the trick - it’s made with raisins and cashew, and will help you forget the Apple News alert you just read.



This Indian restaurant in the West Loop has an incredibly long menu. In fact, if there’s an Indian dish you want, you’ll probably find it here. But whatever you decide on, make sure you get an order of the bhelpuri - it’s a great combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy.

Rooh is an upscale Indian restaurant and right now they have a special menu just for delivery. You’ll find small plates like chickpea chaat and cauliflower with peanut chutney, along with entrees like butter chicken and corn palak paneer. And while sometimes we wish the food here was a little spicier, everything is always really tasty. Plus, you can order bottles of wine for 30-50% off.

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