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Tandoori Fried Chicken & 3 More Things To Order This Week

Great takeout dishes in Chicago we’ve had recently.

Chicago restaurants have reopened, with some having opened their dining rooms for indoor seating. But if you’re sticking with takeout for now, we totally understand. With that in mind, we’re going to highlight the best takeout dishes we’ve had recently.

If you’ve had some great takeout lately that we need to know about, feel free to email us at chicago@theinfatuation.com or tag us on Instagram. Now, on to the dishes.

The Spots

Gotham Bagels

Gotham Bagels is a takeout-only spot that’s operating out of an Italian restaurant in Old Town. But don’t let all the Chianti bottles and the big wooden bar fool you, this place has excellent bagels. They’re big, soft, slightly chewy, and will shut up any East coaster who complains about Chicago’s bagel scene. From a perfect BEC sandwich to the lox with cream cheese, everything here is fantastic. Even the pickles.

Uncooked is (unsurprisingly) a 100% raw restaurant. Everything at this new carryout spot is vegan, and the food is worth seeking out even if you like eating your food, you know, cooked. We ordered the kelp noodle cacio e pepe, radish ravioli with kale pesto, and a “tuna” dip made with chickpeas, wakame, and cashews. If you’re in the market for some healthy food with ingredients you can pronounce, this is a great option.

This South Asian-inspired spot began as a pop-up, moved into a food hall, and is now in a virtual kitchen. We recently ordered the THC Sando (fried tandoor chicken, gochujang aioli, and wazwan honey), and we can’t stop thinking about it. Another great dish to get is their kothu kari kulambe (minced lamb with chili) that comes with sourdough pav tasty enough to order on its own.

After being closed for a few months, this upscale omakase spot in Logan Square recently reopened with a new carryout bento box for $120. It varies from week to week, but always includes a selection of nigiri, rolls, and miso soup. Ours had a whole bunch of new stuff we’d never had while eating there before (like salmon oshizushi and futomaki), and we really liked it. The nigiri was just as delicious as during the omakase, and eating a spicy tuna roll made with the signature Kyoten rice is just fun. Is it something you’d order every day? Probably not, but it's perfect for a special occasion.

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Tandoori Fried Chicken & 3 More Things To Order This Week guide image