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The Best Brew Pubs In Chicago

12 breweries where you can also eat good food.

We like beer here in Chicago, and we really like drinking it straight from the source. Like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, just with beer instead of chocolate.

So it’s not surprising that Chicago is home to so many brew pubs. If you’ve ever had to politely drink a friend’s terrible home brew, you know that “craft” beer isn’t always good. But the following Chicago brew pubs make beer you want to drink, and food you definitely want to eat along with it.

The Spots

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Half Acre Beer Company


4257 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
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The taproom of Half Acre Beer Company in Lincoln Square isn’t trying to be a full-blown restaurant with 689 things on the menu. The short food menu here consists primarily of some very good burritos (like ginger pork, crispy chicken, and the carne asada - which is our favorite) that go really well with the house beers. As a bonus, this place is open all day - which makes it perfect for day drinking, or even getting some work done.

Not every brew pub in Chicago is a good choice for kids. Twisted Hippo is, though, partly because the space has bright colors, some arcade games, and pink cartoon hippos decorating the walls. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of families here. The food menu is pretty standard, with mac and cheese, burgers, and fried things like corn dogs and cheese curds, and all of these things are better-than-average bar bites. And while prices seem high at first (a corn dog with fries costs $13), everything listed on the menu includes tax and tip. Which makes it easy to calculate exactly how much those children are costing you.

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Middle Brow Bungalow looks a lot like your DIY-obsessed friends’ backyard wedding, so you might think for a second you’ll be drinking the awful home brew they made for guests to endure on their “special day.” But despite being decorated with lots of plants, tea lights, and reclaimed wooden picnic tables, this place is actually a brew pub with a nice selection of light, hoppy beers. As far as the food goes, get anything with the housemade bread (like the toasts and spreads), plus the excellent pepperoni pizza - which is too big to fit in a mason jar, fortunately.

Plan on consuming two things (in addition to beer) at Moody Tongue: oysters and a huge slice of German chocolate cake. In fact, if you want to consume anything else, you’ll be out of luck. The incredibly short menu here is not as random as it might seem: Moody believes these two foods pair best with their beers. The space feels very modern, with a granite bar and sleek lighting, so it’s great for date night. And the 12-layer cake and fresh oysters are good enough to make you come here even if you don’t give a sh*t about beer.

This brew pub is in an old warehouse (which you’ll be able to tell from the tall ceilings, cement floors, and giant garage door facing out towards the street). The menu is full of good beer-drinking food - burgers, pretzels, and fried things, mostly - and all the breads are made in-house. It’s a family-friendly spot, with board games and other activities like bags, so you can expect to see kids running around, especially if you’re there on the early side. If that’s not your deal, sit in the front bar area where the only game being played is rock-paper-scissors for who’s getting the next round.

You’re not a true Chicagoan until you’ve been to at least one wedding or reception here. It’s one of Chicago’s most popular brew pubs, and for good reason - both the beer and the food are fantastic. You can get bacon-fat popcorn, burgers, and pizzas from a rotating list of creative options (like pulled pork or Italian beef). Drink-wise, there’s something for every type of beer drinker. They don’t take reservations, and it’s always crowded, so expect a wait if you come here with a large group. Unless it’s your wedding - you can make a reservation for that.

Dryhop is one of those spots that’s good for a date with someone you’ve never met before. In other words, it’s always a good time, and it won’t get awkward if you run out of things to talk about - just have another beer and eat some of the delicious, not-very-healthy bar food. Expect things like poutine, fried chicken, and very hoppy IPA beers. If that date doesn’t work out, this place is also great for a day-drinking session with friends.

Rick Bayless is doing things again. This time, they involve brewing beer and serving tacos in a space right next to Lena Brava, which he also owns. Cruz Blanca has two levels. The ground floor is good for a quick meal, and the upstairs, with big tables and a nice view of Randolph, is where you want to be if you plan on hanging out for a while. The short menu has a few varieties of DIY tacos (all of which come with fresh tortillas and your choice of meat), and the beers - mainly European-style pilsners and lagers - go really well with the food. This place gets slammed on the weekends, so plan on making a reservation. Maybe you’ll see even see Rick himself. Be warned, it’s like staring into the sun.

Pizza and beer is a classic combination that fuels much of the Midwest. And Piece in Wicker Park serves both excellent pizza and solid beer (mainly bold-flavored lagers and ales). The chewy-crusted New Haven-style pies here are large and perfect for sharing. You can’t make a reservation, but there’s a lot of seating, so even if you’re with a group, you probably won’t have to wait too long for a table. There are a lot of TVs, too, so it’s an especially good choice on game days.

This West Town brew pub is a botanical brewery - meaning all the beers have plant-based flavors (for example, a wildflower pale ale). Even if that’s not appealing to you, the food is worth a trip. There are truly delicious things to eat, like fried giardiniera (more plants, but these ones are pickled and fried) and an excellent burger. It’s in a remodeled old theater and the space is open and airy, with cool steampunk-esque light fixtures and brewing vats visible in the back of the restaurant. It’s good for a casual weeknight date, or catching up with that botanist friend you haven’t talked to since college.

Eris is in a remodeled Masonic temple in Old Irving Park, and it’s kept some of the old details, like exposed brick and an ominous-looking safe in the entryway. It’s a huge space that can easily fit large groups, but also isn’t bad for a date. There’s a wide variety of ciders available, plus a few beers. And the food offerings include vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free dishes - so while you can get a Polish sausage wrapped in bacon (the Hodag), you can also get a vegan paella. Not every place in Chicago could easily accommodate a mixer for vegans and bacon lovers, so consider this a crowd-pleasing utility spot.

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