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12 Great Chicago Places To Eat Something Kind Of Healthy For Dinner

PHOTO: Christina Slaton

Maybe you're coming off an aggressive weekend filled with too much food and booze. Maybe Gene from accounting brought in donuts for the office and you had one too many. Or maybe you're trying to fit into that pair of pants you intentionally bought one size too small.

Either way, when discussing plans for that casual dinner you planned for later, you've decided you would like to eat something "kind of healthy." We're not talking going full vegan or signing up for a 10-day juice cleanse. What we are talking about is potentially eating some greens and maybe a nice piece of fish.

Here are some suggestions for those nights.

the spots


Fish Bar

2956 N Sheffield Ave

A light seafood dinner is what you need, and there are plenty of healthy-ish options at Fish Bar like oysters, seafood salads, and blackened fish. The fried stuff is tempting, but you won't be disappointed by sticking to the original plan.



River North
519 N Clark St

Beatrix is a staple for "let's go out to dinner tonight" without being gross. We really like their salads, but they have a number of sensible dinner entrees that will also make you feel good about yourself. Try the chicken bebe or the chili and chocolate glazed salmon, and before you know it you'll have your own fitness Instagram documenting your no days off at the gym.


Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Magnificent Mile , River North
The Shops at North Bridge, 55 E Grand Ave

The other staple in the let's go out to dinner but not be totally gross department. Just like Beatrix, Doc B's has a lot of good healthy options. The salads are great, our favorite being the #1 tuna salad, or get a wok bowl full of veggies and quinoa for something more substantive. Consider starting with the baked polenta fries which aren't that healthy but definitely taste great.


Athenian Room

Lincoln Park
807 W Webster Ave

Roast chicken is definitely/probably kind of healthy for you, and Athenian Room has the best rotisserie chicken in the game. The bed of fries underneath them might defeat the purpose here, but that's why this is the "kind of" healthy guide. Get a salad with with chicken instead if you're concerned.


Lula Cafe

Logan Square
2537 N Kedzie Ave

Lula might not immediately strike you as being a place to go for a sensible dinner, but we'll tell you why it is. The ever-changing menu always has a strong selection of new and different veggie options, like spring onions and plums with buttermilk, rye panade, and green caraway seed. Go heavy on the veggies, mix in a salad and light protein, and you'll be on your way to those abs you've always wanted in no time.


Left Coast Food & Juice

2878 N Lincoln Ave

Left Coast is trying to make healthy food a little less boring, and overall they do a solid job. The vibes here scream Katy Perry "California Gurls," and the avocado toasts, salads, wraps, and smoothies on the menu go along with it. Feel free to go full-healthy with a salad and smoothie, or only kind of healthy with a turkey meatball and spicy hummus wrap.



Lincoln Park
432 W Diversey Pkwy

MFK is a tiny seafood centric restaurant that pays tribute to the food in Spain. And since people in Spain are in way better shape than Americans as a whole, eating here will make you healthier. Have some light seafood and "from the soil" veggies and you're in for a quality, delicious, and relatively healthy meal.


California may have fooled the rest of the country into thinking kale tastes good, and that's exactly why Summer House Santa Monica can exist. The (kale) salads here are certainly enjoyable, but so are the seafood dishes and food from the "Things We Love" section of the menu, like the quinoa and forbidden black rice bowl with green curry and veggies.


Juno Sushi

Lincoln Park
2638 N Lincoln Ave

Sushi is pretty healthy as long as you stick to the basics and don't get all that fried delicious crispy sh*t. And going to a place like Juno that serves quality sushi is a good idea if you're sticking to the basics. Go hard on the sashimi and even nigiri because you deserve a little white rice in your life.


Uncommon Ground

3800 N Clark St

Uncommon Ground has been a leader in the sustainable, farm-to-table, grow your own stuff on your rooftop movement since 1991. They even have solar panels on their rooftop for energy use, so that has to mean healthy-ish things are going on inside.

Photo: Facebook/Uncommon Ground


2311 W. North Ave.

Handlebar is a great, mostly vegetarian restaurant, so you are automatically kept in check from being too unhealthy. They also serve great fish entrees, including some excellent grilled fish tacos, and nothing says "kind of healthy" like a fish taco. Eat them on Handlebar's excellent patio and enjoy success.


Brown Bag Seafood Co.

340 E Randolph St

Brown Bag offers fresh fish in a fast casual setting. The best part about it is you can tailor exactly what you want, mainly because Brown Bag's menu is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" situation. Start with a type of fish like whitefish or or blackened shrimp, and then pick how you want to consume it: in a sandwich, on a salad, wrapped up in tacos, straight, or in something called a "power box" with quinoa and spinach.

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