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Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

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If you’re ever looking for a restaurant that could double as an arena football field, Lincoln Tavern in Southie is your spot. This place is huge, which - along with the fact that it has two big, fun bars - makes it an ideal spot to take a group. The big American menu is made up of a lot of stuff that - like you at your last Monday morning all-hands - is perfectly pleasant without really blowing anyone away. You’ve seen this stuff before (truffle mac and cheese, a burger on brioche, etc.) but it gets the job done. Where it really shines is brunch, owning to the fact that it’s one of the few places in Boston that serves it seven days a week, and that it brings out some more interesting thing like fruity pebble pancakes when it breaks out it’s “test kitchen” menu on Fridays.

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant review image

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